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Communicating a post-Brexit 'Global Britain': political myth, metaphor, and the legacies of empire

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Political myths contribute to effective political communication in their ability to render a social group’s world and experiences more coherent, by providing narratives or stories that explain its historical origins, how it came to be in its present condition, and what its future holds. This study examines the inter-play between political myth, metaphor, and history in the construction and communication of Global Britain, a modern Brexit-driven mythical narrative that plays a crucial role in debates surrounding one of the most momentous and disruptive periods in British history. It is the first project to adopt an interdisciplinary approach – integrating data, methods, concepts, and theories from the disciplines of history, politics and linguistics – to the study of the language used to communicate a global vision of Britain’s orientation and identity in the post-Brexit world. Specifically, it seeks answers to the following question: How is the global-ness of Britain and its people articulated by politicians and public intellectuals in ways that contribute to the imagination of new (rooted in old) ways of belonging in the world following the UK’s departure from the EU?
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