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Communicability and impression management in the design of food production chains

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To study the topic of consumer acceptance of products processed via new food-related technologies from the point-of-view of customer value (CV). To conceptually define and empirically validate the attitudinal trade-offs about what benefits are perceived to exist (i.e. values or gains) against what has to be sacrificed (i.e. costs or risks) from the purchase and consumption of a food product resulting from the use of emerging technologies.
To examine the effect of communication about products processed by new food-related technologies on the way CV perceptions impact on consumer acceptance of those products. In other words, it will be tested whether communication can indeed induce positive value perceptions (i.e. overall attitudinal predispositions) and resulting consumer acceptance/adoption (and likely purchase) towards products processed via new food-related technologies. Develop a normative communication tool applicable for products processed by new food-related technologies.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201129/02/2016

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