Closed corporations and supranational company forms

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  • Neville, Mette (Deltager)
  • Viera, Jorge (Bevillingshaver)
  • Teichmann, Christoph (Deltager)
  • Geens, Koon (Deltager)
  • Dine, Janet (Deltager)
  • Guitto, Rolandino (Deltager)
  • Ahern, Deirdra (Deltager)
  • de Kluiver, Harm-Jan (Deltager)
  • Conaq, Pierre-Henri (Deltager)
  • Segain, Hubert (Deltager)
  • Radwan, Arkadiusz (Deltager)
  • Oplustil, Krzysztof (Deltager)
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The focus is on legislative reforms regarding private companies in the various member states. We would like to prepare a research meeting regarding all legislative reforms regarding close corporations for example GmbH, SRL, SARL, and the different entrepreneurial company forms. The idea would be to firstly deliver a detailed description on the main characters of the close corporation in our country and all recent legislative reforms about it. Secondly, we could analyze the implications of these legal developments on the proposal of the SPE or, if this is to be the alternative solution, on a possible initiative for a European Single Member Company (SMC). Finally, we would like to come to a conclusion as to what we could recommend to the European legislator in the light of the SPE draft, national reforms and, possibly, an SMC initiative.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/2013 → …


  • close corporation, european private company, Single member company, Small and Medium Enterprises

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