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Civilizing Institutions in a Modern Welfare State

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This collective project is a comparative exploration of the ideologies, practices and civilizing missions of different institutions for children in Denmark. It draws on the concept of ?civilizing? to contextualize the array of interests and undertakings aimed at transforming children into proper social persons and responsible citizens in a complex welfare state. Focusing on key ambitions and core assumptions that underwrite society?s concrete organization of children?s lives, the project seeks to understand conditions of childhood in Denmark today. Seven sub-projects will collaborate on investigating similarities and differences among institutional missions and on exploring the various continuities and discontinuities children encounter, as they move between the institutions of home and society that encompass their lives. In sum, the project seeks to understand the social organization of children?s lives, the institutional relations within which their lives unfold, and the diversity of cultural objectives and values that inform institutional civilizing priorities and practices in Denmark.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/200501/02/2012


  • Institutioner, velfærd, civilisering, børn, opdragelse, etniske minoritetsbørn





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