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Choosing foods, eating meals: Sustaining independence and quality of life in old age

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  • Grunert, Klaus G (Projektleder)
  • Lawson, Moira (Deltager)
  • Raats, Monique (Deltager)
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A multi-disciplinary team from nine research centres in eight European countries has been brought together to carry out the cross-cultural SENIOR FOOD-QOL project. Older people living in their own homes represent a diverse but under-researched and increasingly important population group whose specific consumer needs have rarely been evaluated. Easy access to healthy food is central to the maintenance of health, independence and quality of life. Whilst many studies have shown that inadequate nutritional intakes are more common in older people, few have tried to identify the barriers to the effective procurement and preparation of food that occur with advancing age in those who live independently in the community. As the majority of older people live in their own homes there is a need to develop strategies, which ensure the effective delivery of nutrition in the community setting. One of the innovations of the proposed research is its detailed examination of attitudes and beliefs of older consumers and their food preferences for products such as snacks, ready-made convenience foods, functional foods and delivered meals. In addition, access to foods and social networks to support food procurement will be investigated. The social life of many older people is focused around food. The procurement of food is an activity of social significance in all societies and an analysis will be made of these social networks and their effect on access. The wider influences on dietary choices in advancing age across the participating European countries will be investigated. The research will inform both large and small food companies regarding future product development and innovation.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200331/12/2005

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