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Children's Interaction with Nature: Imagine, Narrated and Instituted

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  • Anderson, Sally Dean (PI)
  • Esbensen, Gertrud Lynge (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Mårtensson, Fredrika (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Prevót, Anne Caroline (Samarbejdspartner)
  • Læssøe, Jeppe (Samarbejdspartner)
  • KOndrup, Stine Casparij (Samarbejdspartner)
  • SLU Alnarp
  • Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
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Work package 5 Education, Awareness and Participation; Task 5.1 Chilren's interaction with Nature Months (4-38) Lead: Sally Anderson. Abstract: Childrens' different positipons as minors, learners, social agents in specific contexts has potential impact on the implementation, transfer, and appropriation of environmental education programmes, digital learning platforms and landscape interventions aimed at enhancing children's awareness, learning processes and out door play. This task consists of a comparative litterature review, participant observation, interviews an collaboration with teachers and municipal authorities in Velica Gorica, Croatia and Aarhus (and with Paris Region).
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/202031/08/2023

ID: 194716397