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Chemo-mechanical upcycling of the stale bread waste matrix into a high-performance packaging material

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Stale bread waste mainly consists of starch, gluten and arabynoxylans with huge potential for utilization as future biodegradable materials. This explorative project builds on a novel idea and will deliver a scientific breakthrough to fill a current gap in the state-of-the-art by explaining the direct conversion of the stale bread matrix into 100 % biodegradable films with good water resistivity and mechanical properties. Combining crosslinking with food grade catalysts, and reactive extrusion, a novel biomaterial will be prepared. Films will be evaluated in terms of molecular conformations and interactions, moisture sensitivity, and mechanical performance, using advanced chromatography, spectroscopy and microscopy. This will lay the foundation for future rational improvements of the polymer matrix, crosslinking agent and process conditions.

Financing: DFF-Forskningsprojekt1/DFF-Research Project 1
StatusIkke startet
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202201/01/2025

ID: 222787783