Cambot - Automatiseret embedded system til digital fotografering, kamerastying og rotering af model til brug sammen med Structure from Motion algoritmer i samarbejde med Moesgaard Museum.

  • Alrøe, Michael (PI)
  • Eriksen, Nicolai Wittendorff Moth (Deltager)
  • Orlenko, Oleksandr (Deltager)

Projekter: ProjektForskning



The project has been developed in cooperation with Moesgaard Museum, who has contacted Aarhus University with the purpose of getting a sytem developed to digitalize parts of their physical collection. The objects they wish to digitalize include arrow heads, axe heads and fossils, which are all
of archaeological interest. The end goal of the project is to ease knowledge sharing between museums and archaeologist all over the world and to avoid sending physical objects from one corner of the world to another.
In dialog with Moesgaard Museum, we have defined requirements, wishes and limitations to a system, that will replace the manual and slow process they currently use to digitalize their collection.
The system has been given the name ’Cambot’ a combination of the words ’Camera’ and ’Robot’, which describes the core functionality of the system: Automatic photography. During the project several features have been added, which should help make the system more flexible. These features include picture quality detection, e-mail notifications and a fully fledged user interface from which the user can fully control the cameras settings.
Effektiv start/slut dato03/02/202027/05/2020


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