C3: Course, Coaching, and Conference

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The Committee for Research and External Cooperation (UFFE) at AU grants the Junior Researcher Association (JRA) at AU 210.000 Danish kr to fund a project entitled C3: course, coaching and conference. The team from the JRA applied for the grant as a response to UFFE's call entitled Gender Bias in Research initiated to to identify gender biased challenges at AU and to break down barriers for achieving a more balanced gender representation in research.
The C3 project consists of a course in which female junior researchers can explore, discuss and receive advice on gender bias. Individual coaching sessions provide the researchers an opportunity to receive career guidance from a gender expert and coach. A conference open to all AU staff concludes the project by sharing knowledge on gender inequality and how barriers towards gender balance can be overcome. The results of the project is summarized in an evaluation report submitted to UFFE.
Effektiv start/slut dato19/03/201831/12/2018