Building high-quality EC systems supported by international evidence

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Investigation on Early Childhood Education and Care (EC) has generated solid empirical evidence of the impact of the early years on acquiring better health, educational and employment conditions. Accordingly, organisation as OECD, UE and UNESCO have raised attention to the importance of EC inquiry in shaping international and national policies agendas. Following the global evolution of the sector, EC research is currently increasingly associated with policy imperatives that look at EC services as a pivotal investment. This demand creates new, compelling research questions about how the need to provide affordable programmes can be harmonised with ensuring quality education for all. This topic has been traditionally at the forefront of Aarhus University investigation at DPU, especially through the EC Research Programme. Answering those questions nowadays requires expanding the research capacity of the Department, so as to combine different inquiry methods in a new line of research. The research line will integrate pedagogical, psychological and organisational investigation to help design and implement effective and sustainable EC services. This objective can be achieved only through systematic comparison developed in close collaboration with high-profile international academic institutions.
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