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The first Brexit workshop was designed to identify gaps in teaching materials for secondary education as well as both students’ and teachers’ knowledge. The main questions for the workshop were 1) What is at stake with Brexit, and what aspects (other than trade and economy) does it affect? 2) What is the best way to convey such a complex matter as Brexit? 3) What material already exists which may be used in a Brexit context?

The next step in the process is to host a writing workshop with some of the teachers from Rysensteen Gymnasium along with Sara Dybris McQuaid, to create teaching material on Brexit, Ireland, Great Britain, and the EU, which will be available through the largest Danish publishing company Gyldendal and the English Teaching Portal. The aim is also to create materials for a good foundation for the teachers, by combining the forces of different disciplines to fill the resource gap. Rather than functioning as a reflective workshop, the second Brexit workshop will focus on developing the teaching material on Brexit and Ireland, and Politics of Commemoration, collaborating with teachers from Rysensteen Gymnasium and the largest Danish publishing company Gyldendal/’the English Teaching Portal’ (for open access use in secondary education). The material will be suitable for English/Social Sciences and English/History students with a focus on digital and career competences.
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