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Biology and management of herbicide resistance in Poa annua

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Danish populations of Poa annua have recently been found to be resistant to ALS‐herbicides, mainly from maize fields, where MaisTer (foramsulfuron and iodosulfuron) has been applied repeatedly. It is a new observation that P. annua populations develop resistance to ALSherbicides, and it is important to find out if specific agronomic practices are associated with confirmed resistance. The discovery of resistance to herbicides in Danish Poa annua populations is concerning as it has been reported in very few other European countries. In 2019
and 2020, resistance was confirmed in ten populations, primarily from fields with a high frequency of maize cropping. Earlier, resistance has been confirmed in two fields without maize cropping (Mathiassen 2020, Mathiassen and Petersen 2021). The question raised by this recent discovery of resistance, is why P. annua has developed resistance in Danish fields when herbicide resistance is reported so infrequently in other countries? The second question is how
we reduce the reliance on chemical herbicides in the management of P. annua to rely more on preventive and non‐chemical curative measures. To that end, it is important to have knowledge of the fate of the seeds under different management regimes. The project will address these questions.
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