To understand how human behaviour, interaction and cognition affects both the natural and social worlds, researchers in the social sciences and humanities are increasingly using laboratory experiments with human participants. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the availability of equipment as well as methods for measuring and analyzing human interactions. Danish researchers are at the forefront of this development, and the proposed BICLabs infrastructure aims at strengthening and extending this position by giving Danish researchers access to the newest state-of-the-art technologies and experimental facilities. A special feature of BICLabs is that it will include resources that allows the development of taylor-made experimental designs combining sensors, interactive displays, video cameras automated data collection, etc. Parts of the infrastructure is also aimed at data-collection in the field, i.e. outside traditional laboratories.
BICLabs is part of the Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2015.
Effektiv start/slut dato18/12/201531/12/2019


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