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Autistic Role Models: Positive Pedagogy for Youth on the Autism Spectrum

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Adults on the autism spectrum tend to report feelings of hopelessness, i.e., they fail to see a positive future for themselves, as well as experiencing a sense of not being understood and recognized by others.

The aim of this project is to work with youth on the autism spectrum to help them become more self-confident and hopeful adults, living lives that they find fulfilling.

Our hypothesis is that youth on the autism spectrum is insufficiently exposed to models of the good life that adequately fit their profile.

The project is a close collaboration between experts from Langagerskole (a school for children and youth with autism) and the City of Aarhus Center for Specialpædagogisk Børnetilbud (CSB), and researchers from Aarhus University. Together, we wish to design and establish an educational practice that introduces autistic role models to autistic youth by way of live encounters, interactive videos, and other appropriate media. The role models are chosen in collaboration with members of the autism community and will represent young adults with autism living different kinds of lives who have found happiness and meaning in their endeavours.

We postulate that exposure to the right role models will facilitate the positive identification of autistic individuals with their condition, decreasing levels of self-stigmatization and hopelessness, while increasing levels of self-esteem and ultimately well-being.
Kort titelAutistic Role Models
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