AUFF--Research group on carbon and nitrogen fluxes and transformations for greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation in cropping systems

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Agriculture accounts for around 21% of total Danish greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As part of the EU climate policy, Denmark is obligated to reduce GHG emissions by 39% in 2030 relative to 2005. In addition, a national target of net-zero GHG emissions in 2050 was agreed upon by the Danish parliament in the 2018 Energy Agreement. In order to comply with climate targets and maintain a competitive agricultural production in Denmark, the current cropping systems changes of current agricultural production procedures are urgent.. This requires fully understanding and documenting ecosystem CO2 exchange processes and total net GHG emissions, including nitrous oxide (N2O).

Global demands for agricultural products are expected to grow substantially due to world population expansion, increasing wealth and raising requirements of biomass for biorefineries and bioenergy. Thus, reducing GHG emissions without compromising food security and biomass use for other purposes are key research priorities. To tackle these great challenges, research efforts are applied to radically change the Danish agricultural system, showing that GHG emissions may be significantly reduced through changes from annual crops to perennial crops and optimized agricultural managements. These new production systems will fit into the biorefineries of the bioeconomic era.

This project will investigate investigate: (1) the underlying processes for maximizing biomass production and minimizing GHG emissions, (2) fully year-round assessments of biomass production and GHG emissions, including N2O, and (3) microbial transformation processes, including 14C and 15N isotopes for tracing photosynthates as well and microbial transformation and degradation. Measurement


Optimized cropping systems for lower greenhouse gas emissions and higher biomass production
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/201931/10/2022


  • Biomass production, Greenhouse gases emissions, Optimized cropping systems, Manual and automated chambers, Microbial transformation processes, Farmland

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