Teaching platform for developing and Automatically Tracking Early stage Literacy skills

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    Our vision is to make a teaching platform for early stage writing that when fully implemented significantly will improve literacy skills for Danish children as measured by tests in 4th grade (PIRLS) and 8th grade (PISA). We expect a first version of the platform to be available to Danish schools late 2021. The methodologies and inventions made are unique and will also have significant international potential. The platform will be based on an existing WriteReader (WR) product that allows children age 4-10 years to create books about things they like. This product is available to more than 75% of Danish schools today and unlike any other book creator product WR has implemented the principles of invented writing where children’s writing attempts are supplemented by adults input on conventional writing. The existing product has been verified by independent studies to increase motivation and accelerate learning significantly. While the current product implements valuable teaching principles it is not optimised for class teaching and it does not leverage the full potential of the digitally created content.
    Kort titelAutomatically Tracking Early stage Literacy skills
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201831/03/2023


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