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Assessment and Management of Noise and air pollution in the Capital Region of Denmark

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The aim of the project is to update mapping of noise and air pollution for the Capital Region of Denmark and to develop a comprehensive catalogue of abatement measures. COWI is in charge of noise and DCE of air pollution. DCE will carry out an air quality assessment and a health impact assessment of air pollution in the Capital Region based on air quality models and the EVA-system (Economic Valuation of Air Pollution). Furthermore, source allocation will estimate the contribution of emission sources to concentrations. A wide range of abatement measures will be assessed for impacts on emissions, air quality, health effects and related external costs. Cost-benefit analysis of measures will also be carried out.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201701/11/2017


  • Air pollution, health effects, external costs, Impact assessment, abatement measures, source allocation, CBA

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