Advancing Communities towards low-Carbon Energy Smart Systems

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Europe is moving towards more sustainable, decentral and digital energy grids. Cities face the task of coordinating the local transition of renewable energy generation and storage, while maintaining grid stability. The North Sea Region is leading the way, as many novel technologies and business models have been successfully demonstrated. But as the region prepares the transition, new challenges related to governance, finance and technology choices arise.

No single organisation has the expertise or ability to experiment with a broad range of technologies, governance and financing models. To achieve these objectives, local authorities - Eemnes (NL), West-Suffolk Councils (UK), Malmö (SE) and Mechelen (BE) - will jointly explore and demonstrate how scaled approaches could be achieved. Examples include local energy community hubs, peer-to-peer energy trading models, and local collaborative planning tools.

AU's role is to analyse and provide an overview of governance models for local energy systems and to identify key enabling and inhibiting conditions for realizing these models in different contexts. Our analysis of local governance models and input would outline key elements to consider in order for such decentralized systems to materialize and work. These elements include:
• Prosumption: who are potential prosumers? What are their needs, practices, perceptions, resources, capacities as prosumers and how would these factors interact with different prosumption models.
• How is the current energy system put together – what types of energy generation, grid and consumption patterns are currently in place? What is the distribution of roles, responsibilities and resources.
• Stakeholder involvement and the local political landscape?
• Policy framework. How do national and supra-national policy frameworks condition decentralized energy systems and what are key changes necessary?
Effektiv start/slut dato15/04/201901/04/2023


  • Energy transition
  • smart grid
  • governance
  • prosumption
  • Climate Change mitigation


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