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‘Academic Reflection Rooms’ is a project that focuses on building first-year students' study competencies in a subject-specific academic environment in the gap between the curricular teaching and the extra-curricular. The project is implemented by academic experts – in this case lectures and instructors – and anchored at Centre for Educational Development (CED) at Aarhus University.

By placing the project in the gap between the curricular teaching and the extra-curricular work, it is a wish to create a space for systematic, student-initiated conversations about learning, based on specific learning challenges in the transition into Higher Education.
The aim is to give the students ownership of the learning process and the ability to regulate their own learning. From an institutional point of view, the project aim to test a new and more student-centered and professional concept to support the students' professional study competencies as well as develop new formats for teaching and competence development.
The research into Academic Reflectionsrooms is based on a fluid design, in the sense that it is developed based on the general progress of the project. There are (at least) four possible angles on the overall research focus:
• A focus on involvement
o High involvement, low involvement. Why, why not?
• A focus on the nature of the problems
o ‘General’ problems or subject specific problems?
• A focus on the participants
o Teachers, instructors, peers?
• A focus on the facilitator and/or facilitating objects
o Teachers, instructors, peers, objects, written material?

Overall, it is important that the research design is sensible towards the projects development and progress as well as the participants. However, it is an important focus, that the research effort is creating new knowledge based on the project and empirical data. The follow-up study is not designed to evaluate the project in general, but designed to follow aspects of the project, that are interesting from a research perspective.
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  • First year, Curriculum research, active learning


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