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A New Style of Representation?

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RepStyle investigates the personalization of representation by asking three fundamental questions:
1) Have politicians’ perception of their representative tasks changed, so that they think less of themselves as party agents but more as individual representatives?
2) Have politicians changed their representative behaviour so that they increasingly promote their own policy and themselves rather than the party?
3) Which factors may explain variation in personalized representation across countries, parties and individual politicians?
To answer these questions, the project provides:
1) A conceptual clarification of personalized representation
2) A comprehensive description of the representative norms and behaviour in and out of parliament among Danish and British MPs spanning over 23 years in UK (1993-2016) and 36 years in DK (1980-2016)
3) An empirical test of the influence of electoral system, party organization and individual characteristics on personalization of representation
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201531/08/2021

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