A 7-year follow-up study of occupational noise exposure and the use of antidepressant medicine: a model of long-term stress and risk of depression

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The main purpose of this study is to examine if occupational stress is a risk factor for depression. Specifically, we will analyze if there is an exposure response relation between quantitative measures of current and cumulative noise exposure and risk of redemption of antidepressant medications.

We introduce occupational noise exposure as an objective marker of long-term, occupational stress that bypasses serious problems of reporting bias inherited in most former studies relying on self reports. We use redemption of antidepressant medications as an effective indicator of depression in a large-scale, register-linked study. This model may contribute new knowledge about the causation of depression as well as general understanding of stress-related health effects at and off work, if they exist. This is of uttermost societal interest since stress is regarded a major health problem of modern society.
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