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FabLearn Global Excellence - Organizational Leadership Award

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Ole Sejer Iversen (Modtager), Rachel Charlotte Smith (Modtager), Kasper Skov Christensen (Modtager), Mikkel Hjorth (Modtager), Rune Veerasawmy (Modtager) & Daria Loi (Modtager)

FabLearn Global Excellence Organizational Leadership Award
Awarded to multi-school, district, municipality, state or national-level organizations which:

embody the FabLearn principles,
show exemplary commitment to high-quality educational practices and equity,
demonstrate excellence in the implementation, scaling, and management of educational organizations, and
establish best practices in the field and share those with the local and international community.
Tildelingsdato18 jun. 2018
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
Tildelende organisationerStanford University

ID: 128558399