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ESTSS EJPT best paper of 2017 award

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Maj Hansen (Modtager), Philip Hyland (Modtager), Karen-Inge Karstoft (Modtager), Henrik Bjarke Vægter (Modtager), Rikke Holm Bramsen (Modtager), A Nielsen (Modtager), Anni Brit Sternhagen Nielsen (Modtager), Cherie Armour (Modtager), S.B. Andersen (Modtager), Mette Terp Høybye (Modtager), Simone L. Larsen (Modtager) & Tony E. Andersen (Modtager)

The ESTSS EJPT 2017 award goes to Maj Hansen and colleagues for ‘Does size really matter? A multisite study assessing the latent structure of the proposed ICD-11 and DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for PTSD’ (Hansen et al., 2017). And this is not for the title that some of us found ‘intriguing’ but for its relevant and timely content, the importance of the comparison of two diagnostic systems and the use of three large samples (N = 4,213), the diversity of the samples (clinical, work related, and community), the use of validated tools to measure both the ICD-11 and the DSM-5 PTSD symptoms and the fact that both quantitative and qualitative differences in prevalence rates were investigated. Some of the arguments given included: “This is an important large-sample study comparing the two diagnostic systems DSM-5 vs. ICD-11 regarding factor structure and prevalence rates. I think it is timely and clinically significant. Results tend to be in favour of the simpler ICD system.” “… and the study allows to make particular conclusions which are useful in both theoretical and practical sense”.
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
Tildelende organisationerEuropean Society for Traumatic Stress Studies


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