ASTR Translation Prize 2021

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The Winner of this year’s prize is Janne Risum of Aarhus University in Denmark, for her translation of the Minutes from an “Evening to Sum Up the Conclusions from the Stay of the Theatre of Mei Lanfang in the Soviet Union,” published in Asian Theatre Journal. On 14 April 1935, the legendary Chinese actor best known for his influence on Brecht had an extraordinary conversation with key Russian theatre artists, including Meyerhold, Tretyakov, Eisenstein, and Viktor Shlovsky. With the beginning of the Stalinist purges in 1936, the record of the evening was repeatedly suppressed and censored. Our committee was deeply impressed by Professor Risum’s efforts over many years to retrieve and reconstruct this text, the quality of her translation, and the thoroughness of her scholarly commentary—a model we hope future submissions will follow when they are dealing
with historical documents and the theatre cultures of the past. - The chair of ASTR’s Translation Prize Committee, Aparna Dharwadker, Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
Tildelende organisationerAmerican Society for Theatre Research (ASTR)

Tildelt ved begivenhed

BegivenhedstitelASTR 2021 Annual Conference
StedSan Diego, USAVis på kort
Periode28 okt. 2021 → 31 okt. 2021


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