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Zhi Liang

Adjunkt, Lønnet ph.d-stipendiat

Zhi Liang


Research interests

Since my PhD study on carbon (C) mineralization and microbiology in subsoils, I have developped my major interest in the C and nitrogen (N) cycling in agroecosystems. Specially, I am fascinated by the mechanisms via which C derived from plants become stabilized in the soil with a focus on the associated microbial processes.

In relation to this, I am expertised on methods measuring microbial properties such as enzyme activity and community-level physiological profiling. With the state-of-art isotopic techniques (e.g., 13C and 15N labelling), I can trace the fate of plant-derived C and N into different soil pools by soil fractionation. Moreover, I can quantify the persistence of C in living microbial biomass (phospholipid-derived fatty acids) and in dead microbial biomass (amino sugars).

Teaching activity

I have been involved or currently teaching in courses:

PhD course "SOM and organically bound nutrients", Aarhus University;

PhD course "C and N flows in cover crop and grassland-based systems", Aarhus University;

Master course “Carbon Cycling and Climate Change”, Aarhus University;

Master course “Soil Biology and Fertility”, Aarhus University;

Master course “Statistics, Modelling and Global Change”, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China;

Bachelor course “Agro-Microbiology”, Aarhus University.

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