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Yuting Wang



January 2015 – July 2017Tsinghua University.Postdoc in Materials Science and Engineering Area of Specialization: Semi-conductive ceramics and wearable electronics
September 2009 – January 2015University of Science and Technology Beijing. M.S. and Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics Area of Specialization: Crystalline phase-dynamic performance relationships of hydrogen storage materials
September 2005 – June 2009University of Science and Technology Beijing. B.S. in Applied Physics


1.Fabrication of hydrogen storage materials, oxide nanofibers, metal transparent electrodes, flexible nanostructured ceramics.
2.Study on electronic and local atomic structures of crystal and amorphous materials.
3.Analysis of microstructure-property relationships and theoretical interpretation of experimental data.
4.Assembly of transparent and wearable sensors.
5.First-principles calculations.
6.Synchrotron radiation analysis.


.Characterization and techniques: SEM, TEM, DTA, TG, Raman, XPS, PL, FTIR, XRD (In situ XRD), XAFS (XANES & EXAFS), synchrotron radiation, Rietveld refinement (Jade software & Fullprof Rietveld), local structure, local electronic and atomic structures (IFEFFIT analysis), First-principles calculations (VASP), Materials studio calculation (MS)
.Analysis of hydrogen adsorption and desorption mechanism, structural phase transition and microstructure-property relationships
.Dynamic analysis of structures and theoretical interpretation of experimental data
.Preparation of nanofibers and powders: mechanical milling, melt infusion, solvent infiltration technique, electrospinning and controlled annealing process
.Material characterization techniques: P-C-T curve of hydrogen absorption/desorption (TPD & CTD), electrochemical property, activation energy calculation, discharge capacity, cyclic hydrogen capacity, electrochemical workstation, and Keithley measurement system
.Oxidation and hydration protection, experiments under inert atmosphere conditions


Postdoc Research: 2015-Present

1. Research in Photocatalyst
.Fabrication of doped zinc oxide nanofibers
.Enhanced visible photocatalytic properties and high apparent quantum efficiency
.Analysis of internal gain mechanism
2. Research in stretchable transparent electrodes
.Fabrication of metal network electrodes
.Highly stretchable Pt network-based strain sensor
Wearable UV photodetector based on Pt transparent electrodes
3. Research in ZnO-based photosensors
.Fabrication of ZnO nanofibers with multiple nanostructures
.Mechanism of self-assembly
.Ultrafast response speed and high sensitivity UV sensor
Doctoral Research: 2010-2015

1. Research in the dynamic phase transition of composite material
.Preparation and characterization of cerium oxide catalyst doped lithium alanate composite (CeO2-LiAlH4)
.Rietveld refinement of complex hydride (LiAlH4) using synchrotron XRD
.Catalytic mechanism of the catalyst (CeO2) using local structural analysis
2. Research in the physical mechanism of doped magnesium-based alloy
.Study on doped positions of Ti and Cr in amorphous Mg2Ni phase by comparing structural models to experimental data
.Structural transformation and fine structure evolution on the alloy upon cycling
.Effect of doped elements on the structure and kinetic performances
3. Research in the novel nano-confined material
.Preparation and characterization of nano-confined complex hydride using melt infusion method
.Microstructures of modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes
.Structural and electronic properties of different carbon nanotubes
Master Research: 2009-2010

.Improvement of P-C-T system on reducing the equilibrium pressure
.Preparation and performance tests of alloy materials


.Reasearch on Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (4B9A XRD and 1W1B XAFS stations)
.Reasearch on Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility ( BL14W1 XAFS and BL14B1 XRD stations)


2010.9-2012.9Instructor: College Physical Experiment, University of Science and Technology Beijing


.Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 51323001)
.National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11087011)
China Post Doctoral Science Foundation(2011M500223)
Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities Grant No.(FRF-TP-12-112A)
Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China (No. 2007008002)