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Yury Shtyrov


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Yury Shtyrov
Professor, Head of MEG Group
Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Center for Funktionelt Integrativ Neurovidenskab
Nørrebrogade 44, NBG/10G, 10G-4-33
8000, Aarhus C
E-mail: yury.shtyrov@cfin.au.dk
Telefon: 78469940


Work Experience

From 2013:
MindLab & Centre for Functionally Intergrative Neuroscience (CFIN), Aarhus University, Denmark.
Professor, Head (PI) of Magnetoencephalography Group.

University of Helsinki, Institute of Behavioural Sciences (IBS), Helsinki, Finland
Director of the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the IBS, Professor.

Medical Research Council (MRC), Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Cambridge, United Kingdom
Senior Scientist (Programme Leader Track) and Head of Magneto- and Electroencephalography (since 2011).

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Cambridge, United Kingdom
Research Associate (Post-Doctoral Research Scientist), 2000-2003 / Senior Investigator Scientist, 2003-2007. Since 2006, also MEG Lab Manager.

Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
Researcher. Also Webmaster of the Unit's internet site.

Lingsoft, Inc., Helsinki, Finland
Linguist and Project Administrator (part-time).

AudiTech Ltd. Speech Research and Technology Company, St. Petersburg, Russia
Project Manager.

Department of Speech Physiology and Pathology, St. Petersburg Research Institute for Otorhinolaringology and Speech. St. Petersburg, Russia.
Junior Researcher.

St. Petersburg University, Laboratory for Sensorimotor Systems Physiology, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Senior Research Assistant (part-time).


Psychology Department, University of Helsinki, Finland
DPhil Student. Doctoral thesis ‘New aspects of the cerebral functional asymmetry in speech processing as revealed by auditory cortex evoked magnetic fields’ publicly defended at the on 29.11.2000.

Department of Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity, Biological Faculty of the St. Petersburg University, Russia
Master of Science degree programme in Neurophysiology.

St. Petersburg University. Part-time language school. St. Petersburg, Russia
Degree of Translator (English).


AUFF Research Foundation, Denmark, 2014. PI on a 6-month visiting professorship grant, DKK 284 000, 2014-2015.
Lundbeck Foundation, Denmark, 2014. PI on 3-year project grant: Neural Speech Processing as Covert Index of Consciousness in Coma, Vegetative State, and Minimally Conscious Patients. DKK ~1.6 mln (~€ 210 000), 2014-2017.
Lundbeck Foundation, Denmark, 2013. PI on 3-year project grant: Rapid formation of lexical memory circuits in human neocortex. DKK 3 mln (~€ 400 000), 2014-2016.
Pufendorf Institute, Lund, Sweden, 2013. HuMeNs - – Advanced Study Group on neuroscience of knowledge acquisition. Co-applicants: Profs. M. Lindgren, M. Horne, F. Ståhlberg, D Topgaard et al. (Lund U), ~100000 SEK.
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council & Medical Research Council, UK, 2012. Co-PI on 5-year partnership programme grant: Building capacity in UK clinical MEG research. Co-applicants: Profs K. Singh (U Cardiff), K. Nobre (U Oxford), Dr G. Barnes (UCL) et al. ~£1.3 mln. 2013-2017.
European Commission Tempus IV programme, 2010. Co-PI on a 3.5-year project grant: Postgraduate training network in biotechnology of 3.5-year project grant. Co-applicants: K. Kaila, (Helsinki U)., I. Pavlov (UCL), A. Shestakova (St. Petersburg U.), V. Klucharev (FC Donders) et al. ~€ 1 mln. 2010-2013.
Federal Agency for Science and Innovation, Russian Federation, 2010. PI on a 2-year project grant №02.740.11.5148: Introduction of novel methodologies into science, medicine and education in RF: using magnetoencephalography for mapping brain function. RUB 2 mln. 2010-2011.
Medical Research Council, UK, 2009. PI on 5-year research programme U.1055.04.014.00001.01: Early automaticity of neural language processing: lexical, morphosyntactic and methodological perspectives. ~£1.4 mln. 2009-2014.
GlaxoSmithKline, UK, 2009. Co-PI on a 2-year industrial collaborative research programme: Biomarkers of schizophrenia. PIs: Profs F. Pulvermuller & Y. Shtyrov. £ 150 000, 2009-2011.
Elekta Neuromag Ltd, Sweden-Finland, 2006. Co-PI on a 10-year industrial research collaboration programme: Clinical utility of magnetoencephalography. PIs: Profs F. Pulvermuller, Y. Shtyrov, R. Henson. £ 100 000. 2007-2016.
European Commission Tempus programme, 2005. Co-PI on a 3.5-year project grant. Co-applicants: Drs I. Pavlov (UCL), A. Shestakova (Helsinki U.), O. Pongs (Hamburg U.), V. Klucharev (FC Donders), I. Kanunikov (St. Petersburg U.). € 500 000. 2006-2009.
Finnish Graduate School of Psychology, 1999. Four-year PhD research fellowship, FIM 400 000. 1999-2003.
Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland, 1998. Two-year research grant, funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund. Co-applicant: Dr. T. Kujala. FIM 300 000. 1998-2000
University of Helsinki, Finland, 1998. Six-month personal grant. FIM 9 000. 1998-1999
Centre for International Mobility, Finland, 1998. Six-month personal research grant. FIM 36 000
Centre for International Mobility, Finland, 1997. One-year personal research grant. FIM 60 000. 1997-1998.

Teaching and Supervision

Named individual instructor for Neurobiology of Language course, Cambridge University, 2003 – 2011.
Teaching Visiting Professor at St. Petersburg University, 2006 – current. Courses: Neurobiology of Language, Methods of Speech and Language Research, Scientific Writing in English.
Supervising individual students’ research work (PhD, MA/MSc theses, internship etc.) at the MRC CBSU, Cambridge University, Helsinki University, St. Petersburg University etc. Current and recent degree theses under supervision:
Zubaida Shebani, PhD, Cambridge University – 2008-2012, degree complete 2012.
Galina Goryainova, MA, University of St. Petersburg – 2010-2011, degree complete 2012.
Lisa Brindley, PhD, Cambridge University – 2008-2011, degree complete 2012.
Caroline Whiting, PhD, Cambridge University – 2007-2010, degree complete 2011.
Iske Bakker, MA, University of Amsterdam – 2010-2011, degree complete 2011.
Lilli Kimppa, MA, Helsinki University – 2008-2009, degree complete 2009.
James Kiff, MA, Cambridge University – 2004-2005, degree complete 2005.
Natalia Egorova, PhD, Cambridge University – since 2010, completion due 2013.
Rachel Moseley, PhD, Cambridge University – since 2010, completion due 2013
Jana Krutwig, MA, Radboud University – since 2013, completion due 2014
Lilli Kimppa, PhD, Helsinki University – commenced in 2012
Sabine Gosselke, PhD, Lund University – commenced in 2012.
Developing new curricula for PhD- and Master-level education, e.g. creating and coordinating a multi-centre graduate school network for PhD education in neuroscience (BioN, www.neurobiotech.ru), organising and carrying out associated teaching activities, student and teacher mobility, organising short modular courses, summer and winter schools for PhD and MA students, education programmes for teaching staff etc. A total of ~€1.5 mln of extramural funding won for these activities in recent years.

Mass Media Appearances and Publications

Disentangling mysteries of human language. Interview to Science and Life, monthly popular science magazine, Moscow, Russia. 2013 [in press]
Graduate school inside a Graduate school. Interview to Science & Technology RF internet media: STRF.ru. April 5, 2012.
Global Frontline. Live interview to J-Wave radio station (Tokyo) morning show. January 21, 2011.
Can't learn a foreign language? Not true, say scientists. Interview to the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper, December 15, 2010.
Reading Matters. Appearance in BBC 4 documentary devoted to neuroscience of language and featuring CBU MEG Laboratory, February 9, 2009.
Melun haitat [Noise troubles]. Interview about noise effects on central auditory processing to the Good morning, Finland [Huomenta Suomi] program at MTV3 television channel (Finland), January 28, 2000.
The brain researcher's perspective. Essay in Elsnews, The Newsletter of the European Network in Language and Speech (published at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland), November, 1998.
Aviotyötä melun keskellä [Brain work in the middle of noise]. Interview to Campus magazine (published in Helsinki, Finland), October, 1997.
Talvikoulu kokosi venäläisiä huippuopiskelijoita Suomeen [Winter school gathered best Russian students in Finland]. Interview to Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper (published in Helsinki, Finland), January 12, 1997.

Affiliations and Miscellaneous

Visiting Scientist at the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit (from 2013). Visiting Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow (from 2014). Guest Professor at the University of Lund (2012-2014). Visiting Professor at the University of St. Petersburg (2007-2012). Research Professor at the University of Helsinki (2011-2012). Docent of Helsinki University (from 2012).

Associate Editor at Frontiers in Cognition. Editor at BioMed Research International.Member of the following professional societies: Cognitive Neuroscience Society, Society for the Neurobiology of Language, Society for Neuroscience, Society for Psychophysiological Research. In addition, a constant contributor to the Human Brain Mapping Organization. Senior Fellow of Wolfson College (Cambridge University).Principal Organiser of the Fourth Conference on Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and its Clinical and Scientific Applications, a major international event that took place in Cambridge, UK, on April 22-26, 2006. Principal Organiser of the 1st and 2nd Night Whites Language Workshop - St. Petersburg Winter Symposium on Experimental Studies of Speech and Language, international events that took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, 16-17.12.2011 and 28.2-1.3.2014.
Principal Organiser of Aarhus MEG Special, an international event that took place at Aarhus University on 13-14.5.2014.Member of organising committees and symposium organiser and chair at various international and national meetings.A Host Editor at Frontiers in Cognition in 2011-2012.


My international collaborators are located at the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit (Cambridge, UK), University of Cambridge (UK; various departments: e.g., Linguistics, Experimental Psychology, Psychiatry, Physiology), Institute of Behavioural Sciences (Helsinki University) and other HU departments, Addrenbrookes Hospital (UK), GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Unit Cambridge (UK), Birkbeck College (London, UK), UCL (London, UK), BioMag Laboratory (Helsinki University Central Hospital), Aalto University (Finland), Lund University (Sweden), Free University – Berlin (Germany), Charite Medical University (Berlin, Germany), CNRS (Lyon, France), University of St. Petersburg (Russia), Moscow MEG Centre (Moscow University for Psychology and Education, Russia), Oslo University (Norway), Glasgow University (UK), United Arab Emirates University (UAE) etc.