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Yihuai Hu


Yihuai Hu


      Project title: Nitrogen transformation and greenhouse gas emissions from soils amended with organic waste and derived fertilizer products

        This project is aimed at developing an understanding of the chemical and microbial processes that influence greenhouse gas (GHG) emission (methane and nitrous oxide) and transformation of nitrogen and carbon in the organic waste and fertilizer products following application to soil. The project will include the following activities:

·         Chemical and physical characterization of organic wastes and fertilizers

·         Laboratory incubation studies on N and C transformation and emission of CO2, N2O and CH4

·         Field experiments with organic wastes and fertilizer products to measure crop N uptake and N2O, CO2and CH4 emission

·         Apply or develop model of GHG fluxes from soils amended with organic waste and fertilizer products

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