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Xueqian Zhang

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Xueqian Zhang


I am a Life Cycle Assessment practitioner. Holding a MSc degree in Environmental Engineering, I have obtained interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and project experience in different environmental issues. I am able to quantitatively assess environmental problems, place them into social, legal and economic context, and on this basis, propose a variety of possible actions in compliance with safety rules.

My Ph.D. project "Valuing Ecosystem Services and Services to Ecosystems from Seaweed Harvest and Cultivation - ValueSea" is part of tang.nu and MAB4, two Danish research projects on sustainable development of seaweed cultivation and harvest for multiple biorefinery production lines into cosmetics, food ingredients, as well as feed for pig, cattle and fish. The use of emissions for seaweed production as a source of raw material for feed, food and non-food high-value bio-based components and products is delivering ecosystem services such as climate change mitigation and water quality restoration.

Further development and expansion of circular bioeconomy is a top priority for future research and technology promotion in Europe. Transforming the seaweed feedstock via a biorefinery process into high-value products creates a resilient bio-based production system characterized by circular closed-loop resource flows and ecosystem health preservation.

This ValueSea project will contribute to developing model concepts to address the environmental and economic aspects and benefits of individual actors and complete industrial ecology system at different scales and of varying complexity (i.e., processing steps). Sustainability assessment of civil society seaweed gardens, business cases for start-up seaweed farms, expansion of existing business including seaweed and seaweed extracts will be performed in close collaboration with companies, municipalities, and civil societies.

Main supervisor of the Ph.D. project: Marianne Thomsen (AU-ENVS); Co-supervisor: Annette Bruhn.(AU-BIOS)

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