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Xiaohui Ma


Xiaohui Ma
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Project title: Controlling Sound Zones – with perceptually optimized multichannel signal processing
Main supervisor:  Jakob Juul Larsen, Jan A. Pedersen
Co-supervisor(s): Lars G. Johansen, Patrick J. Hegarty
Project period: 11/2015~10/2018

Project description
Sound zone control will lead to a revolution in how we use audio systems: several groups of people can enjoy different audio contents in a shared space at the same time without interrupting one another. Today this can only be achieved by wearing headphones, which would negatively affect the conversation between people. Some work has been done in terms of creating separated sound zones [see IEEE SPM 81-91, March 2015, and references herein]. The key to sound zone control is the filtering applied to each loudspeaker signal. Three algorithms are widely adopted for filter design: acoustic contrast control, pressure matching and planarity control. However, there are still many unsolved problems that limits the further development of sound zones, and this project will address 3 unsolved issues:

  • To quantify and minimize the influence of nonlinear distortion in loudspeaker drivers.
  • To quantify the influence of room reflections on the current sound zone control methods.
  • To devise new perception based cost functions for sound zone control and devise accompanying perception optimized regularization methods.

External partners/project that the Ph.D is part of
Industrial Ph.D. in collaboration with Dynaudio A/S.


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