Vivi Schlünssen

phd, Professor

Contact information

Vivi Schlünssen
Department of Public Health – Section for Environment, Occupation and Health
Bartholins Allé 2
8000 Aarhus C

Office phone: +45 871 68032
Mobile: +45 2899 2499

AU profile:

ORCID: 0000-0003-4915-1734

Born April 22, 1965

Academic training and degrees
September 27, 2005: Specialist in Occupational Medicine, DK
April 23, 2001: PhD in Medicine, Aarhus University (AU), DK
February 1, 1994: MD, Medical Faculty, AU, DK

Professional employment
2018 (May 1)-: Professor, Section for Environment, Occupation and Health, Department of Public Health, AU, DK
2015-: Professor, Danish Research Center for the Working Environment, Copenhagen
2012- 2015: Consultant, Dept. of Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, DK
2012-2015: Postgraduate Clinical Associate Professor for Occupational Medicine, North Denmark Region
2008-2017: Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, AU, DK
2005-2008: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, AU, DK
2003-2005: Post doc, Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, AU, DK
2003-05: Medical practitioner, Dept. of Occupational Medicine, Aalborg Hospital, DK
2002-03: Junior Doctor, Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, DK
2002: Post doc, Institute for Risk Assessment (IRAS), Utrecht University, NL
2001-02: Junior doctor, Dept. of Medicine, Randers Hospital, DK
1995-01: Junior doctor and Doctoral fellowship, Dept. of Occupational Medicine, Skive Hospital, DK
1994-97: Compulsory graduate terms of hospital service, Vejle County, DK

Research profile

Research areas:
Respiratory diseases, allergy and exposure assessment, mainly in the Public Health and the occupational field. The impact of pesticides and microbial diversity on health. The impact of exposure timing on health. The impact of stress and microbial diversity on respiratory disease and allergy. Transgenerational health effects

Research management experience and organizational/administrative duties (selected)

Projects (selected):

2017-: Head of AMFF evaluation report: Review of occupational exposures potentially able to cause allergic asthma
2016-: Principal investigator, Prenatal stress and allergy project (
2014-: Board member, DOC-X (Danish Occupational Cohort) (
2011-: Vice research director, RHINESSA (
2011-: Principal investigator, CODUST (
2010-: Principal investigator, The Danish ECRHS/RHINE/RHINESSA Centre
2009-: Principal investigator, WOOD
2009: CBS Research Management Course, Denmark
2006-2011: Project Coordinator, SUS12
2003-2008: Project Coordinator SUS

Local, national and international memberships, relations and networks:

2017-: Research board member, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University
2017-: Member, ERS/IAACI Task Force “Poultry Red Mite Dermatitis”
2016-: Member, EAACI Task Force ”Asthma and rhinitis in farmers working with large animals”
2015-: Member, Scientific Committee on Mining Occupational Safety and Health, ICOH
2014-2015: Chairman, working group for revision of “Specialeplan for Arbejdsmedicin”
2013-: Steering group member, Danish Ramazzini Centre (
2012-2016: Board member, DSA (Danish Society for Allergology); secretary from 2014
2012-2015 Head, Committee for knowledge exchange at Dept. of Public Health, AU
2012-2014: Member, EAACI Task Forces ”Monitoring of Occupational and Environmental Aero Allergens” and ”Irritant induced Asthma”
2011-2015: Chairman, DASAM (Danish Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine)
2011-2012: Participated as representative of Dept. of Public health AU in preparation of the first comprehensive research catalogue from AU Health headed by professor Hasenkam.
2010-2012: Member, ERS Task Force: ”Management of Occupational asthma”
2007-: Member, Scientific Committee on Rural Health, ICOH
2005-2008: Secretary of DASAM (Danish Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine)
2000-2017: Data collections of most occupational projects are performed at work places requiring collaboration with employer and employees. Some projects performed in collaboration with private companies, for example parts of SUS (Sund Stald). Research based counseling to private and public partners based on results from research projects have been inherent parts of most projects, and I have participated in and chaired numerus knowledge exchange meetings and produced a lot of easily accessible written and electronic material. I have as first or co-author published more than 20 Danish articles and reports for a public audience and has decent press coverage on my projects

•International collaborators participate in all major current projects (e.g. CODUST (, SUS, ECRHS, RHINE, RHINESSA (
•Member of 3 ECRHS working groups (Early Life; Indoor; Occupation)
•Member, the AGRICOH consortium (
•Member of the coordinating board in Danish Ramazzini Center (
•Participant (Danish MC) in COST action BM1201 (Development of Origins of Chronic Lung Disease) and head of WG3 (epidemiology) in COST action CA15129 (Diagnosis, Monitoring and Prevention of Exposure-Related Noncommunicable Diseases, DiMoPEx). Danish MC substitute for COST action CA16216; vice-chair for WG1 (inventory of cohorts)
•Member of scientific committee or organiser of session at international conferences: International Congress on Wood Dust, Strasbourg, France 2006; EPICOH Alberta, Canada 2007; ERS Conferences 2008-14; ICOH Cancun, Mexico 2012 and Soul, Korea 2015; EPICOH, Utrecht, the Netherlands 2013, OHS mining conference, Denmark 2017; Faming and Health Conference Sandbjerg, Denmark 2017
•Danish participant in EU-OSHA project on health effects of biological dust (EU-OSHA-PRU/2015/P/12)

Review and evaluation activities:
2017: Assistant editor, Annals of Work Exposures and Health (Former Ann Occup Hyg)
2016-2017: Member, working group appointed by Graduate School of Health for structure of the PhD thesis at Health, AU
2016-: Member of Editorial Board, Scandinavian Journal for Work, Environment and Health
2013-: Evaluation of consultants application for Bispebjerg Hospital
2013-2015: International expert evaluations for the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research
2012-2017: Member, the Recruitment Committee, Faculty of Health, AU
2011-: Evaluation of applications for associate professorships, AU
2005: International expert evaluations for the Health Research Council of New Zealand

Reviewer for, among others, BMJ; Allergy; Eur Resp J; Occup Environ Med; Ann Occup Hyg; Indoor Air; Scand J Work; Environ Health; Environmental Monitoring; J Exp Sci Env Epi; Ugeskrift for Læger; Pulmonary Medicine, Clinical Experimental Allergy

Member of 13 Danish and International scientific boards for assessment of PhD dissertations at AU, Umeå University, Bergen University and Copenhagen University

Scientific publications

Please see for an updated publication list.

H-index: 29

Presentations and other activities

Please see for an updated list of activities.

Grants >100,000 DKK, main applicant

2017: Aarhus University Scholarship 3 year for phd student Martin Rune Hassan Hansen: 1.7 million DKK
2017: Aarhus University Scholarship 1 year for phd student Kathrine Pape Madsen: 560,000 DKK
2016: The Danish Working Environment Research Fund 55-2016-09 20165103778: 730,805 DKK Review of occupational exposures potentially able to cause allergic asthma
2016: The Faculty of Health, Aarhus University. 1/3 Phd scholarship. 550,000 DKK
2016: Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond (Aarhus University Research Foundation) AUFF-F-2016-6-9. Salary visiting professor Alex Burdorf: 420,000 DKK
2015: The Danish Working Environment Research Fund (AMFF): 2.9 million DKK prenatal stress and allergic diseases
2014: The Faculty of Health, Aarhus University. PhD scholarship. 1.6 million DKK
2013: The Danish Working Environment Research Fund (AMFF): 596,400 DKK, review on health effect of coal and quarts
2013: The Wood Dust Foundation: 250,000 DKK, RHINESSA
2012: The Aase and Ejnar Danielsens Foundation 10-000661: 100,000 Dkk Health effects of long term pyrethroid exposure on Bolivian pesticide applicators in public health vector control programmes
2011: The Wood Dust Foundation 444508795: 387,000 DKK, RHINE and ECRHS
2011: The Danish Council for Research, Medical Sciences (FSS) 11-115982: 216,000 DKK, Scholarship
2011: AMFF 29-2011-09: 3,800,000 DKK, CODUST

Supervision of research year students and PhD students

Seven completed and five current PhD students.
Three completed and one current research year student.


Lecturer, Organiser and Head of several Danish and International post-graduate courses in exposure assessment and environmental lung diseases

Courses of relevance for teaching:
2007: 2-day course in research supervision, GRASPH, Hindsgavl Estate
2006: 5-day course in academic teaching, AU, Sandbjerg Estate