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Vinnie Nørskov


  • Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Antikmuseet
Victor Albecks Vej 3
1414, 115
Aarhus C


Telefon: +4587162801

Education and employments
1995 MA in Classical Archaeology, Aarhus University and Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München.
1999 Phd with the thesis “Greek Vases in New Contexts. Collecting Greek vases – an aspect of modern reception of Antiquity”. Aarhus University and Oxford University.
1999-2004 Employed in different job areas at the Dept. of Classical Archaeology, Aarhus University working with u.a. developing the Museum of Ancient Art, e-learning and further education, and secretary for the Danish Graudate School in Archaeology
2004- Associate professor and director of the Museum of Ancient Art with teaching at the Centre for Museology, Aarhus University
2005-2006 Maternity leave november 2005-september 2006

1992 & 1993 Student employment at DAI Istanbuls "Stadtgrabung" in Pergamon under Dr. Wolfgang Radt.
2000-2004 Member of the Halicarnassos Expedition, Bodrum, to publish pottery finds, financed by the Carlsberg foundation

Research Areas:
My research insterest focuses on the relationship between economy, cultural institutions and research:
• The art market of antiquities and the institutionalisation of the discipline of classical archaeology
• The economy of museums
• The role of museums in modern society
• The reception and use of Antiquity in present society
I have participated in The Strategic Museum, financied by the Danish Research Council for Communication and Culture 2008-2010, a cooperation between Centre for Museology and Centre for Coorporate Communication, Aarhus University

Supervison of PhD-students:
Lærke Maria Andersen Funder: Exhibitions and messages. A study of the role of Classical Antiquity in contemporary Europe as seen through museum exhibtions (2009-2013)
Sine Saxkjær: The meeting of cultures and co-existence between the indigenous people and the Greek immigrants in Southern Italy (2011-2015)
Gertrud Latif Knudsen (2nd supervisor): Corporate communication and organizational identity negotiations in a dynamic stakeholder perspective – a case study of the City Museum in Aarhus (2010-2013)

Member of commissions and boards :
Member of cultural council of the Danish National UNESCO Commitee 2000-2002
Member of The Leiden Network for the Protection of Cultural Heritage since 2001
Member of the editorial board of the Journal SFINX 2004-2008
Member of the board of Friends of the Cast Collection in Copenhagen since 2008
Member of the board of ICOM Denmark since 2005, Chair of ICOM Denmark since 2009
Member of the jury to select the Museum of Sweden 2013

Responsible for conferences and seminars:
• Antiquity in a post-industrial Age, PhD seminar at Sandbjerg 1998
• The World of Greek Vases, International colloquium at the Danish Institute in Rome 2005
• Dialogues with the Past. PhD seminar, The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology at the Danish Institute in Rome 2005.
• Classics in the Nordic countries, Centre for the study of Anquity, Aarhus University 2009
• The Museum as Research Field. PhD seminar, The Arts Graduate School, Aarhus University 2012

Exhibitions (selection)
• Coins from the Cyclades. Exhibition made in cooperation with the Numismatic Museum in Athens, 2003.
• Archaic Greece – new permanent exhibtion in the Museum of Ancient Art, 2004
• The Greek Olympics – exhibition made in cooperation with the Danish Institute in Athens, 2004
• Sun pictures– exhibition about H.C. Andersens travles in the Mediterranean made in cooperation with the Danish Institutes in Athens and Rome, 2005
• Mercati Trajani – e xhibition made in cooperation with Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, 2007
• Antiquity in Aarhus – exhibtiion about classical inspiration in the city landscape of Aarhus, 2008
• The Holy Room: culture and religion in the Greco-Roman Near East – an exhibtion made in cooperation with the research project Religious Identity by Rubina Raja, 2010
• The Ancient World. Scholars presenting research in art, culture, myth and religion. Video installation 2011
• Hotel Amnesia – Truckstop Aphrodites, by photographer Colin Robins 2012
• Transformations: Ture Andersen, Karin Houggard, Jane Reumert, Jannik Seidelin. Art exhibition 2012