Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen


Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen


PhD project: Chaning urban form: detection, transformation, and implications for well-being

Affliation: ESGO section (environmental social science and geography), Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University

Supervisor: Prof. Clive Sabel

Co-supervisor: Ass. Prof. Alexander Prishchepov (Department of Geosciences and Natrual Resource Management, University of Copenhagen)

Project term: September 1 2017 – August 31 2020

Master degree: Science of Geography, National Taiwan University. Specialization in geospatial analysis and remote sensing.

My research:

I am a quantitative human geographer working with GIS and remote sensing. My research interest is to develop spatial models, machine learning, and remote sensing methodology for detecting changes of urban form and its effects regarding disaster and human health. Presently, I study on urban forms from land use patterns, densification, to informal settlement. Working with my supervisor Prof. Clive Sabel and his Big Data Centre, a Novo project developing innovative analytics and integrated data sets, part of my PhD study is to analyze lifecourse experience of changing living environment and mental health. With my working experience in Taiwan, I look forward to comparing the patterns of urban development in Europe and Southeast Asia under different socio-cultural contexts.

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