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Ton Otto

  1. Precious Relics: Materiality and Value in the Practice of Ethnographic Collection

    Warner, C. D., Otto, T. & Johnsen, U. H.

    Det frie forskningsråd - DFF


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  2. CCC: Camera as Cultural Critique

    Waltorp, K., Otto, T., Crawford, P. I., Suhr, C., Kirstein Høgel, A. & Vium, C.


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  3. CaCC: Camera as Cultural Critique: Trancultural Dialogue in a Digitized World

    Otto, T., Suhr, C., Crawford, P. I., Kirstein Høgel, A. & Vium, C.


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  4. Research Network for Design Anthropology: Towards ethnographies of the possible, interventionist speculation and the collaborative formation of issues

    Binder, T., Otto, T., Halse, J., Vangkilde, K. T., Smith, R. C. & Gislev Kjærsgaard, M.


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  5. Culture, Agency and Change

    Otto, T. & Smith, R. C.


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