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Tom Engsted


Tom Engsted

Professor, Ph.d.
CREATES, Department of Economics and Business
Aarhus University, Denmark
E-mail: tengsted@creates.au.dk

Academic Work Experience

•Professor of Economics, Aarhus University, 2007-
•Head of Department of Finance, The Aarhus School of Business, 2001-2003.
•Professor of Finance, The Aarhus School of Business, 1999-2007.
•Associate professor, The Aarhus School of Business, 1994-1999.
•Assistant professor, The Aarhus School of Business 1992-1994.


I. Publications in international refereed journals and books:

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II. Publications in Danish:

•Tom Engsted og Carsten Tanggaard: Den danske rentestruktur og forventningshypotesen: 1976-1991. Finans/Invest, April 1993, pp. 26-30.

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III. Recent working papers:

•Tom Engsted and Thomas Q. Pedersen: Disappearing money illusion. Creates Research Paper 2018-24. August 2018, Aarhus University.

•Tom Engsted: Frekvensbaserede versus bayesianske metoder i empirisk økonomi. Economics Workings Papers 2018-07, August 2018, Aarhus Universitet.

Awards and honors:

•The Golden Pointer ("Den Gyldne Pegepind"), best teacher of the year awarded by the Econ students at the Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University, 2014, 2016, and 2018.