Tom Aabo


Tom Aabo

Research interests:

International corporate finance

  • Strategic risk management
  • Exchange rate exposure management
  • Real options applied
  • Behavioral corporate finance

Teaching interests

  • Behavioral Corporate Finance (MSc)
  • Corporate Valuation (MSc)
  • Financial Management and Management Accounting (MBA)
  • Supervision of theses

Full Curriculum Vitae


Associate Professor, PhD

Member of section: Accounting and Finance
Research Secretaries: Pernille Vorsø Jachobsen and Malene Vindfeldt Skals

Tom Aabo combines industry experience with academic rigor to teach and do research in the field of international corporate finance. Tom’s main research interest lies in the border area between practice and theory. Tom has co-operated with a range of excellent international scholars. Tom maintains and develops these relationships by presenting his work at international conferences and by having research stays at foreign universities.

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