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Tine Fristrup

Heritage learning outcomes in the Nordic and Baltic area: competence development among adults at archives and museums - guidelines

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportForskningpeer review

  • Tine Fristrup
  • Sofia, Kling, Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity, Sverige
  • Lasse Sonne, Danmark
  • Zipsane, Henrik, Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity, Sverige
As long as cultural heritage institutions have existed, they have filled an
important function in identity creation. For a long time, this was, above all, a
question of national identity in which the stories and objects collected by
museums and archives played a vital role. Today, there is a cultural heritage
sector in a somewhat new arena, where concepts such as citizenship, lifelong
learning, social cohesion and human capital are central. This means that
museums and archives need to find new ways to justify their activities: it is no longer sufficient to focus on the collection and the care and preservation of documents and objects. On the contrary, it has become increasingly important to create new areas of use, relevant to the surrounding society, for the documents and objects chosen for preservation. These guidelines relate to competence development among adult visitors to archives and museums. They are based on the assumption that archives and museums are important places for lifelong learning, places where not only knowledge is passed on, but also values associated with citizenship and social inclusion. For school pupils, a visit to a museum or archive may be a welcome interruption to an otherwise monotonous everyday life. Here students are not just entering another environment; they can also see, smell, feel, hear and experience things they would not otherwise get a chance to. The museum or archive thus forms a contrast to the classroom, which offers something else, and therefore has the potential to reach pupils in ways that the teacher's ordinary instruction cannot.
UdgivelsesstedÖstersund, Sverige
ForlagNordiskt centrum för kulturarvspedagogik, 91-87276
Antal sider161
ISBN (Elektronisk)91-87276-36-4
Rekvirerende organNordplus
StatusUdgivet - 2012


  • kulturarv, Læring, Norden, Internationale komparative undersøgelser, Kompetenceudvikling, Kultur

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