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Institut for Husdyrvidenskab - Husdyrernæring og fysiologi
Blichers Allé 20
G22, 3076
8830 Tjele
E-mail: tinas.nielsen@anis.au.dk
Telefon: +4587157724
Web: http://pure.au.dk/portal/da/tinas.nielsen@anis.au.dk


My background is within Animal Science with special emphasis on pig nutrition and health. My current research is centered around minerals in pig nutrition in relation to physiological needs and the environment. I am also involved in projects related to effects of dietary carbohydrates and protein on gut health in pigs and development of a new pig model for large intestinal inflammatory induced diarrhea in piglets.

Earlier in my carreer I  had special interests in bioactives in cow´s milk and how these bioactives (fatty acids and hormones) potentially affect consumer health in terms of breast cancer.

My PhD work focussed on the effects of milk estrogens of plant and endogenous origin on human breast cancer studied both in in vitro systems and in rodent models. The interest in screening the biological effects of milk estrogens is ongoing.


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Oct 2010: PhD, Faculty of LIFE Sciences, Department of Veterinary Disease Biology, University of Copenhagen (KU-LIFE)
2001-2004: Master of Science, Animal Science, KU-LIFE, Denmark
1998-2001: Bachelor, Animal Science, KU-LIFE, Denmark
1997-1998: Farm employee, Farm School Gråsten Landbrugssskole


2011-2013: Post doc, Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University
2006-2010: PhD student at KU-LIFE/Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University
2005-2006: Scientific Assistant, The Danish Bacon and Meat Council, Copenhagen
2004 –2005: Research Assistant, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Foulum, Denmark


Maternity leave November 2011 September 2012
Maternity leave January 2009- November 2009

Internationale forbindelser

During my PhD I established collaboration with Leena A. Hilakivi-Clarke, PhD, Professor of Oncology and her group at Georgetown University, Washington DC through a 5 months stay from January to June 2008, performing experiments with pregnant rats exposed to cow´s milk high or low in phytoestrogens. The collaboration is on-going and has thus far resulted one accepted manuscript (to International Journal of Cancer) and one more manuscript is in the final stages of being submitted for publication.