Thorsten Gravert


Thorsten Gravert


Are environmental sterols the precursors for endocrine disrupting chemicals?

I will study if natural substances, such as sterols originating from man-made agroecosystems,
act as molecular precursors for potent endocrine disrupting chemicals.
Through batch and field experiments, my aim is to investigate if environmental transformation processes, such as photolysis and biodegradation, can convert sterols into steroid hormones. For this, I combine microbiology, advanced analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and environmental toxicology.

My aim is to improve our understanding of how environmental processes may change sterols, which transformation products are formed, and what effect these have on wildlife endocrine systems. This project will utilize the power of environmental relevant experiments, a newly acquired ultra-high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometer, and in vitro toxicology methods.

PhD advisors: Martin Hansen and Lars Hestbjerg Hansen.

ID: 120815412