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Thomas Vorup-Jensen


  • Institut for Biomedicin - Forskning og uddannelse, Skou-bygningen
  • Institut for Biomedicin - Forskning og uddannelse, Skou-bygningen
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 10
1115, 230
Aarhus C
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 10
Aarhus C


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Curriculum Vitae


1. Education (date for degree award in brackets)

1996(24 April):   MSc (cand.scient.) in chemistry-biotechnology, Aarhus University (AU).

2000(22 May):    PhD, AU. “Synthesis of Recombinant MASP and MBL”. Supervisor: J.C. Jensenius

2014(5 Sept.):     DMSc (dr. med), AU. “On the Roles of Polyvalent binding in Immune Recognition”

2015:                “Leading the Virtual Company”, Pasteur Program, Harvard Business School


2. Current & Recent Employments

2001-2005:        Research Fellow, Dept. of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA in the laboratory of Professor Timothy A. Springer

2005-2012:        Associate Professor, Dept. of Biomedicine

2012-2017:        Professor (MSO) in Biophysical Immunology, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

2017-:                Professor in Biophysical Immunology, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU


3. Awards

2007:                 “ Niels Kjærgaards og Overlæge, Hans Peter Brasch Kjærgaards Mindelegat”. Awarded by Rektor (president) of AU.


4. Recent Leadership Experience

2005-:              Principle Investigator and Head, Biophysical Immunol. Lab., Dept. of Biomedicine, AU.

2014-:              Head, Graduate Program in Biomedicine, AU.

2017-:              Founding Chairman (2017) and Member (2018-) and Member, Medical Innovation Day 2017 Organizing Committee.

2017-:              Member, Advisory Board, Doktoratskolleg Molecular Fundamentals of Inflammation (DK-MOLIN), Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria

2019-20:          Member, Steering Committee, BioPeople – Denmark’s Life Science Cluster


5. Key Research Interests

Innate immunity; immune cell adhesion to extracellular constituents; immunotherapy and biological therapy, application of biophysical methods in molecular immunology and cell biology; biomedical applications of nanoscience.


6. Research training (2005-21)

Four postdoctoral employees. Seventeen PhD Students: Main supervisor for 7 students; co-supervisor for 10 students (1 pending completion). Supervisor for 17 MSc, ERASMUS, and Medical Research Year Students (1 pending completion). Supervisor for 10 experimental B.Sc. thesis students.


7. Publication statistics

Seventy-seven peer-reviewed journal publications, including publications in Nature (1), J. Exp. Med. (1), PNAS (3), J. Biol. Chem. (2), and J. Immunol. (13), 14 contributions to book or scientific anthologies, 8 contributions to science communication. Two granted US patents. My publications are cited more than 5,300 times (Google Scholar: and my Hirsch index is 34. Most cited publication has more than 950 citations (June 2021).

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Thomas Vorup-Jensen (Fagfællebedømmer)

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15 apr. 2022

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Thomas Vorup-Jensen


1 Mediebidrag

Ny teknologi kan bestemme sværhedsgraden af autoimmun sygdom

Kristian Juul-Madsen & Thomas Vorup-Jensen


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New Diagnostic Technique Measures Nanoparticles Linked To Lupus

Kristian Juul-Madsen & Thomas Vorup-Jensen


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Ny teknik identificerer sygdomsfremkaldende partikler i blodet

Thomas Vorup-Jensen & Kristian Juul-Madsen


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New technique identifies pathogenic particles in the blood

Thomas Vorup-Jensen & Kristian Juul-Madsen


1 element af Mediedækning

Peer-reviewed Publikationer

Sørensen, AS, Andersen, MN, Juul-Madsen, K, Broksø, AD, Skejø, C, Schmidt, H, Vorup-Jensen, T & Kragstrup, TW 2022, 'Tumor necrosis factor alpha neutralization attenuates immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced activation of intermediate monocytes in synovial fluid mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory arthritis', Arthritis Research and Therapy, bind 24, nr. 1, 43.
Holme, SAN, Vorup-Jensen, T & Juul-Madsen, K 2022, 'Immunoassay for detection of oligomeric proteins', Journal of Immunological Methods, bind 505, 113277.
Zaheer, Y, Vorup-Jensen, T, Webster, TJ, Ahmed, M, Khan, W & Ihsan, A 2022, 'Protein based nanomedicine: Promising therapeuticmodalities against inflammatory disorders', Nano Select, bind 3, nr. 4, s. 733-750.
Lima, CN, Oliveira, WF, Silva, PMM, Filho, PEC, Juul-Madsen, K, Moura, P, Vorup-Jensen, T & Fontes, A 2022, 'Mannose-binding lectin conjugated to quantum dots as fluorescent nanotools for carbohydrate tracing', Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, bind 10, nr. 2, 025002.
Hubert, V, Hristovska, I, Karpati, S, Benkeder, S, Dey, A, Dumot, C, Amaz, C, Chounlamountri, N, Watrin, C, Comte, JC, Chauveau, F, Brun, E, Marche, P, Lerouge, F, Parola, S, Berthezène, Y, Vorup-Jensen, T, Pascual, O & Wiart, M 2021, 'Multimodal Imaging with NanoGd Reveals Spatiotemporal Features of Neuroinflammation after Experimental Stroke', Advanced Science, bind 8, nr. 17, 2101433.