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Thomas Stridsland

Phd student

Thomas Stridsland


Originally from Canada with a Bachelors in Earth and Ocean Science from the University of Victoria, I moved to Denmark in 2017 to pursue a MSc in Climate Change at KU. During my Masters I focussed on emissions inventories and smart energy systems in a Danish context.

My work at AU involves carbon footprinting the AU value chain, to confront transitional risks associated with climate change, and to create a framework for developing a decision-making tool for private and public businesses. I am focussing on the application of a product-based method, in collaboration with DCE, and the other Danish Universities. Parallel to my project at AU, I am working with the other Danish universities to create a shared and transferrable model for calculating emissions.

Aside from my work at AU, I am deeply interested in food systems. I am co-teaching a course at Copenhagen University, called Climate Solutions. This course puts students into the role of climate consultants, who are then teamed up with food system actors in and around Copenhagen, to complete a full emissions inventory as well as come with emissions management suggestions.

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