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Thomas Rye Simonsen


Thomas Rye Simonsen
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Project title: Pore water pressure response and heave of Palaeogene clays in connection to deep excavation and pile driving

Main supervisor: Senior associate prof. (Docent) Kenny Kataoka Sørensen

Co-supervisor(s): Nik Okkels (Geo)

Project period: April 2015 – March 2018


Project description
Constructions in the city centers have changed over the last 10-20 years. The buildings are increasingly getting higher, moving into coastal areas and more often include excavations for multi-story basements. When removing a large amount of soil due to deep excavations the foundation substrate is relieved from a massive load – often even when the weight of the building is included. When building in areas with clay of high plasticity (Palaeogene Clay) near the surface, the relieving pressure on the underlying substrate pose a challenge. Deep excavations generate negative pore water pressures within the clay which cause the soil to heave. However, it is believed that positive pore pressures generated by pile driving can reduce the subsequent heave.

Through literature/archive study, field monitoring at construction sites and testing in the laboratory we aim at extending our current knowledge of the pore pressure development and ground deformations in connection to pile driving in combination with deep excavations in clay. The results of the work should provide the basis for the development of an analytical method which can be used to predict ground deformations and pore pressure development in Danish Palaeogene Clays. The project will furthermore aim at establishing guidelines of how to include the partial equalization of the pore pressures in the design of future foundations.

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