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Stina Rask Jensen


Stina Rask Jensen
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Stina Holm Jensen er uddannet civilingeniør i Arkitektur og Design fra Aalborg universitet (Arkitekt M.Sc).

Hun er involveret i forskning inden for energirenovering af almenboliger, med særligt fokus på potentialerne for at skabe merværdi for beboerne gennem arkitektonisk transformation.

Project description:

The building sector is responsible for 40-50 percent of the total European energy consumption. Adding to this, 75 percent of the existing Danish building mass is expected to be in operation by 2040. This makes energy renovations an important area of focus in the years to come.

There is an estimated number of 600.000 social housing units in Denmark of which a considerable number were built before the national building regulations were tightened in 1979. As such, there is an identified potential for reducing the overall energy consumption in the building sector by addressing this particular typology through energy renovations.

The challenge of transforming the building mass to be more energy-efficient not only calls for separate technical development and innovation, but for a holistic approach which considers both quantitative and qualitative aspects with special attention to the occupants. This Ph.D project aims to develop guidelines for architectural transformation, which can help articulate and realise the potential for added cultural and social value within the technical transformation processes. The project has an application oriented focus, taking its point of departure in Research through Design as the overall methodological framework.

Project title: Energy renovation of social housing units - added value through architectural transformation

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