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Stefan Pfattheicher


Supervision Letter

In which topics do I supervise?

I supervise bachelor projects and master theses. I prefer to supervise on topics that are part of my expertise, such as pro- and antisocial consequences of empathy (compassion, empathic concern, and perspective taking); cooperation and punishment in social dilemmas; why people harm others for pleasure (sadism); how people change their behavior when they are watched/observed by others (related to social norms); and the experience and consequences of boredom. You can also have a look at my scientific papers to get more inspiration. I am interested in many topics!

If you decide to choose me as supervisor on topics that are outside my teaching or research areas, the level of help I can provide—in literature selection—will be very much limited. 

I am interested in supervising projects that can either be theoretical in nature, or we can also run an empirical study! I am ready to support you with this exciting process.

My take on supervision

As supervisor, I have the conviction and belief that you are the primary responsible for leading the thesis project, its development, and conclusion. In these terms, the final product is yours, and not mine. Nonetheless, we will collaborate closely on your project, and I will help with the entire process so that it becomes an inspiring journey.

I do usually structure my supervision around individual and group meetings that take place regularly. You can also always write me an email.

Since I am (not yet) fluent in Danish, supervision will be in English. I also suggest that you write your thesis in in English. Don’t worry, your English writing will be less important when evaluating your thesis. I am also willing to provide some guidance in relation to writing style, flow, etc.

Contacting Me

The easiest and preferable way to contact me is by email. You are also welcome to come by my office if you have a quick question.

Best regards,
Stefan Pfattheicher

Office: 522/1350