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Søren Pape Møller


Curriculum Vitae

Navn:                Søren Pape Møller, Centerleder, Ph.D., dr. scient.


Adresse:            ISA, Institut for Fysik og Astronomi, Aarhus Universitet, 8000 Århus C

Mobil:                2338 2342

email:                fyssp@phys.au.dk


Privat:              Rosenvej 5, 8240 Risskov

email:                papem0ller@webspeed.dk


Født:                  3. Marts 1956 i Nr. Sundby, DK.                                Nationalitet: Dansk


Uddannelse og akademiske titler:


1981                  Cand Scient, Fysik-Matematik, Aarhus Universitet

1986                  Ph.D., Fysik, Fysisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet

1998                  Dr. Scient, Aarhus Universitet

2000                  PLS Rambøll Chefkursus, 3x3 dage

2008                  Projekt leder kursus, 8+ days




1981-1983         Fellow ved CERN, Geneve

1983-1987         Videnskabelig medarbejder ved CERN følgeforskning

1987-1988         Senior-stipendiat ved Fysisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet

1988-1996         Laboratorieleder ved ISA, Aarhus Universitet

1996-1999         Teknisk leder ved ISA, Aarhus Universitet

1997-                 Konsulent for DANFYSIK A/S

1999-                 Centerleder for ISA (2005-2009, ½ time)

2005-2009          Chief Accelerator Physicist ved DANFYSIK/SIEMENS, ½ time


Priser:               European Particle Accelerator Prize 1998, European Physical Society, Interdivisional Group on Accelerators


Medlem af:      

1993-2000:         Scientific Advisory Board for EPAC

1999                   Programme committee for 18'th ICACS, 1999

2000-2006           Interdivisional Group for Accelerators under EPS

2000-2006           Scientific Programme and Organizing Committee for EPAC

2017                  Member of Local Organizing Committee of IPAC 2017 in Copenhagen 1600 participants

2010-                 Accelerator work-package leader at ESS, Lund

2010-                 Member of Technical Board for European Spallation Source in Lund

2016-                 Chairman of Accelerator Collaboration Board for ESS

2011-                 Member of Machine Advisory Committee for BESSY II project in Berlin, ELENA at CERN and MAX IV project in Lund.

Teaching:          Lectures and exercises at Dept. of Physics and  Astronomy and supervision of Masters and PhD students. Lecturing at several CERN accelerator schools. Supervisor for 2 industrial PhDs with DANFYSIK A/S as industrial partner. Main supervisor for 2 PhDs.


Outreach: In 2010, SPM has been invited to give two public lectures in “accelerators – the large machines in physics” at Aarhus University attracting more than 1400 people. Later repeated in Herning and elsewhere.


Research and project-management: As appears from the above, first director of the technical personnel at ISA, and in the last several years, director of ISA, whose personnel consists of around 10 persons with technical and/or scientific tasks. The facilities at ISA are used by more than 100 persons per year, from Aarhus, elsewhere in Denmark and abroad. SPM is in this connection responsible for the use, the coordination and further development of the facilities. In the same connection, SPM is also responsible for initiating new uses of these facilities. Recently, from 2014, a new ultra bright synchrotron radiation light source ASTRID2 at Aarhus University has been in operation. Co-organizer of International Particle Accelerator Conference 2017 in Copenhagen, with 1600 participants.


Research experience and interests: Research within the interaction of charged particles with matter, in particular exotic particles at very high energy (electrons) and very low energy (antiprotons at CERN). Acquired interest in accelerator physics at CERN, and was responsible for the accelerator physics aspects and design of ASTRID, the first electron and ion storage ring built in Aarhus. Based on experience at ASTRID, SPM invented ELISA the first electrostatic storage ring in the world for which a prize was given by the European Physical Society. In the last years, SPM took the role as project leader of ASTRID2, the new brilliant synchrotron radiation source in DK. SPM has participated in several international accelerator projects, e.g. the design of the early versions of the European Spallation Source. SPM has in the last couple of years engaged himself in the ESS in Lund, and is responsible for a workpackage to the ESS accelerator. In this connection SPM is member of the Accelerator Technical Board and recently became chairman of the Collaboration Board.

SPM has been responsible for the theoretical design of the injectors for the ANKA synchrotron-radiation source in Karlsruhe, the booster synchrotron for the Canadian Light Source, and most recently the booster-synchrotron for the Australian Synchrotron Project and the commissioning of these.

SPM is still interested in the interaction of charged particles with matter and the radiation emission by charged particles, latest the application of charged particles for cancer therapy. Has in this connection taken part in studies of antiprotons efficiency for cancer therapy.

As chief accelerator physicist at DANFYSIK A/S, SPM was responsible for the accelerator physics aspects of the Particle Therapy accelerators built by DANFYSIK for SIEMENS. SPM has been responsible for the development of the seeding-option for the TESLA free-electron laser (TTF2) at DESY in Hamburg built at ISA.

SPM has initiated and completed two research accelerator projects financed by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.

In 2010 SPM became Work Package leader in the accelerator part of the European Spallation Source in Lund and as such member of the Technical Board and in 2016 also Chairman of the Collaboration Board. 2016-2019, responsible for delivery of the Raster Scanning Magnet System and wire scanners for the ESS.