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Søren Østergaard


Profile photoSøren Østergaard
Institut for Husdyrvidenskab - Epidemiologi og management
Blichers Allé 20
8830 Tjele
E-mail: soren.ostergaard@anis.au.dk
Telefon: +4587157961
Web: http://pure.au.dk/portal/da/soren.ostergaard@anis.au.dk


1995: MSc. in Animal Science at Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Copenhagen
1999: PhD in Animal Science at Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Copenhagen


1995: Research Assistant at Danish Institute of Animal Science, Foulum
1995: Advisor at Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre, Aarhus
1995: PhD student at Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen
1999: Research Assistant at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Foulum
1999: Research Scientist at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Foulum
2001-2009: Senior Research Scientist at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, now Aarhus University, Foulum
2009-2019: Senior Scientist MSK (‘with special qualifications’) at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, now Aarhus University, Foulum. (Part time 80-85 % since 2010)
2010-: CEO of SimHerd A/S, Foulum, (Part time, 15-20 %)
2019-: Professor at Aarhus University


Author/co-author to 159 publications. Hereof 56 scientific peer reviewed journal publications (12 as first author).
Web of Science (august 2018): Citations=877, H-index=18.
Google Scholar (august 2018): Citations=1581, H-index=23.
Responsible supervisor or project supervisor for 16 PhD students and 5 MSc students.

International network from:
i) Stay at Cornell University (USA), Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences in 1998;
ii) Research collaborations within the EU projects ‘Prolific (2013-2017)’ and ‘GplusE (2014-2018)’ and the Nordic project ‘Evolutionary operations (EVOP) in large dairy herds (2014-2017)’;
iii) Participated in a number of symposia on ‘Animal Health Economics’ within the collaboration between Wageningen University, Copenhagen Veterinary School of Nantes, Swedish University and Aarhus University. Participated in the NEAT network ‘Networking to enhance the use of economics in animal health education, research and policy making in Europe and beyond (2012-2015)’;
iv) Joint research publications with more than 50 foreign researchers from 14 countries.


2017-: Chairman of ’Det Kvægfaglige Netværk for Produktionsanlæg Teknologi og Management’ by ‘Forskningsudvalg Kvæg’
2017-:  Member of ‘Forskningsudvalg Kvæg’ by Landbrug & Fødevarer Kvæg, Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, and Technical University of Denmark
2017-: Member of ‘Kvægkoordinatorgruppen’ by Aarhus University
2015-:  Member of Department committee for collaboration with industry. Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science

Leadership and Administration

CEO of the AU spin-out company SimHerd A/S since 2010 (www.simherd.com)
Project leader or work packaged leader of 18 research projects
Ad hoc referee for 9 international scientific journals
Participation in scientific evaluation committees at different levels including associate professor level


(Courses since 2013)
Animal Health Economics in Livestock Herds (PhD 5 ECTS). Course responsible. 2012, 2018.
Management and Economy in a Livestock herd (MSc 5 ECTS). Course responsible. 2013-2018.
Animal Production, Health and Welfare (MSc 10-15 ECTS). 2008-2018.
Husdyrproduktion, råvarekvalitet og miljø (BSc 15 ECTS). 2011-2013.
Husdyrproduktion (BSc 10 ECTS). 2014-2017.
Feed ration planning in dairy cattle herds (PhD 5 ECTS). 2017.
Animal Production Science / Animal Production / Husdyrvidenskab / Husdyrproduktion. (MSc 15 ECTS). Copenhagen University. 2004-2015.

Innovation, Industry collaboration and Technology Transfer

Since 1998, I have been the principal researcher developing the SimHerd model. This founded in 2010 the spin-off company ‘SimHerd A/S’. The model is widely used by veterinarians and consultants in several countries.
Starting 2010, I have been responsible for the development of the herd health analytical tool ‘Kvartalsrapporten’ together with Dyrelæger & Ko, who is now using it as their key tool in half of Danish dairy cattle herds.
HerdNavigator. I participated in the Biosens 1 & 2 projects, which developed the scientific background for the biological part of HerdNavigator tool. The companies Foss, Lattec and DeLaval participated in the projects.
SEGES tool. I have had collaboration with the farmers’ organization, SEGES, through research and development projects providing tool for feeding level optimization, reproduction management analyses and tools, lactation curve analyses, and Animal Health Economy analyses.

Peer-reviewed publikationer (10 seneste)

Evaluation of genetic parameters for nitrogen use efficiency and losses in early lactation of Holstein cows using a repeatability model

Chen, Y., Vanderick, S., Mota, R. R., Grelet, C., GplusE Consortium & Gengler, N., 5 feb. 2021, I: Journal of Dairy Science. n/a, n/a, 11 s.

Identifying key parameters for modelling the impacts of livestock health conditions on greenhouse gas emissions

Kipling, R. P., Bannink, A., Bartley, D. J., Blanco-Penedo, I., Faverdin, P., Graux, A. I., Hutchings, N., Kyriazakis, I., Macleod, M., Østergaard, S., Robinson, T. P., Vitali, A., Ahmadi, B. V. & Özkan, Ş., jan. 2021, I: Animal. 15, 1, 5 s., 100023.

Conservation of a native dairy cattle breed through terminal crossbreeding with commercial dairy breeds

Clasen, J. B., Kargo, M., Fikse, W. F., Strandberg, E., Wallenbeck, A., Østergaard, S. & Rydhmer, L., 2021, I: Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica A: Animal Sciences. 70, 1, 12 s.

Fine resolution CNV catalogue from deeply sequenced cattle genomes

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Economic value of information from an alert system on physiological imbalance in fresh cows

Ettema, J., Krogh, M. A., Østergaard, S. & GplusE Consortium, aug. 2020, I: Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 181, 7 s., 105039.

Genome-wide association for metabolic clusters in early-lactation Holstein dairy cows

Atashi, H., Salavati, M., De Koster, J., Crowe, M., Opsomer, G., GplusE Consortium & Hostens, M., jul. 2020, I: Journal of Dairy Science. 103, 7, s. 6392-6406 15 s.

Predicting physiological imbalance in Holstein dairy cows by three different sets of milk biomarkers

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Effect of automatic cluster flushing on the concentration of Staphylococcus aureus in teat cup liners

Skarbye, A. P., Thomsen, P. T., Krogh, M. A., Svennesen, L. & Østergaard, S., 15 maj 2020, I: Journal of Dairy Science. 103, s. 5431-5439 9 s.

Feasibility of EVolutionary OPeration (EVOP) as a concept for herd-specific management in commercial dairy herds

Østergaard, S., Lastein, D. B., Emanuelson, U., Rustas, B. O., Krogh, M. A., Kudahl, A. B., Munksgaard, L. & Kristensen, T., maj 2020, I: Livestock Science. 235, 10 s., 104004.

Genome‐wide association for milk production and lactation curve parameters in Holstein dairy cows

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