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Søren Laurberg


  • Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Mave- og Tarmkirurgi
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 35
Aarhus N

E-mail: sola@clin.au.dk

Place and date of birth: Aalborg, Denmark, 27 April 1951

Education and professional experience

2016:Clinical professor, Aarhus University Hospital. Dedicated to development of a Pelvic Cancer Sequelae Clinic.
1998Professor in colorectal surgery, Aarhus University
1995Head of Surgical Unit Research, Aarhus Amtssygehus. Part time 1/3 employed by Aarhus University
1994Consultant Surgeon, Department of Surgery L, Aarhus Amtssygehus
1987Research fellow, St. Mark´s Hospital, London
1983Doctoral degree (MD DMSc). "Organization and reorganization of afferent systems in the rat hippocampus" (25.03.1983)
1982 - 1993Registrar and Senior Registrar. Specialist in surgical gastroenterology
1981 - 1982Senior Lecturer, Anatomic Institute, Aarhus University
1980 - 1981Resident
1977 - 1980Assistent Professor, Anatomic Institute, Aarhus University
1977Medical doctor, Aarhus University (01.07.1977)


2017:Honorary member of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland
2017: Honorary member of the Spanish Society of Colorectal Surgery
2017:Honorary member of the European Society of Coloproctology
2016:Honorary Fellow of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
2014Lippmann prisen
2006Odd Fellow Ordenens Research Prize
1996Pedersholm Prize
1997N. C. Nielsen Prize




Past President of European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP)

Founder and First chairman of the Research Committee of ESCP

American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
St. Mark´s Association
Editorial Board of Scandinavian Journal of Surgery
Editorial Board of Colorectal Disease
Scientific Board of The Alpine Colorectal Meeting, Verbier
Examinor Board of EBSQ
Faculty of Colorectal Surgery, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


(Numerous including)

Diseases of the Colon Rectum
Colorectal Disease
British Journal of Surgery
Annals of Surgery
Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology
World Journal of Surgery

Research and supervision

Supervisor for 37 Ph.D. degrees and 8 doctoral thesis (defended)


> 350

Clinical Research Profile

During my training as surgeon I got a special interest in functional problems of the bowel.
From a grant from Aarhus University I worked as a research fellow at the famous and pioneering institution for
Bowel dysfunction (Sir Allan Park´s Ano-rectal Physiology Unit at St Mark´s Hospital, London).
Following this visit I founded and was Head of the Ano-rectal Physiology Unit in Aarhus while I finished my training to become a consultant in Aarhus. Ever since my main research interest has been in functional problems to colorectal disease and in the last 10 years with a special focus on functional problems following treatment of bowel cancer. I was the initiator of a multidisciplinary pelvic floor unit at Aarhus University Hospital and creation of a multidisciplinary clinic for the treatment of pelvic organ sequelae.

International profile

Throughout my carrier I have expanded my collaboration internationally.
I have had a long lasting clinical and research collaboration with all the leading centers in Scandinavia, Europe, South America and USA, and have been lecture ring and Visiting Professor at several leading Institutions. I have been reviewer for numerous grant applications in Europe New Zealand and the States, and have evaluated Professorships in Scandinavia, other parts of Europe and USA including the most prestigious
Positions (i.e. leader of colorectal cancer surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, NY). Several research papers have been performed in collaboration with leading institutions worldwide.
Moreover I have had a long standing collaboration with leading pathologist, radiologist, oncologist, primarily related to improving the management of patients – secondary regarding research.

National profile

At a national level I have been involved in the evaluation of many research applications, mainly I was member of FSS and the research committee for the Danish Cancer Society, and I was the founder and first Chairman of the Research Committee of the Danish Colorectal Cancer Group. For years I have collaborated regarding clinical training and research with most surgical units in DK and relevant specialties.

Main supervisor

Anorektal fysiologi

Susanne Haas, ph.D. ”Cerebral neuromodulation ved sakral nerve stimulation mod fækal inkontinens”.
Finished 2016.

Mette Møller Sørensen, ph.D. “Experimental and clinical study of the treatment of anal sphincter ruptur after childbirth.
Finished 2013. 

Janne Fassov, ph.D. ”Gastrointestinal motilitet og sensibilitet ved sakralnervestimulation for irritabel tyktarm”.
Finished 2012. 

Lotte V.Fynne, ph.D. ”Tarmens bevægmønster hos patienter med tarmproblemer af forskellig genese.
Finished 2011. 

Jakob Jakobsen, ph.D. ”Bilateral sakral nerve stimulation for fækal inkontinens”.
Finished 2012. 

Pia M.Faaborg, ph.D. “Colorectal functional changes over time: possible effects of spinal cord injury and transanal colonic”.
Finished 2011. 

Kåre Sunesen, Ph.D. “Anal cancer. Risk and Prognosis”.
Finished 2010. 

Jonas Worsøe, ph.D. “Dorsal genital nerve stimulation and rectal motility”.
Finished 2012. 

Hanne Bech Michelsen: disputats “Fecal incontinence and sacral nerve stimulation”.
Finished 2010. 

Hanne Bech Michelsen, Ph.D. “Sacral nerve stimulation for faecal incontinence”.
Finished 2007. 

Peter Christensen, disputats. Colonic irrigation for disordered defecation.
Finished 2009. 

Peter Christensen, Ph.D. Colorectal irrigationsbehandling af inkontinens og obstipation.
Finished 2002. 

Klaus Krogh, disputats. Colorectal and Anal sphincter function in patients with spinal cord lesions. Symptoms, parhophysiology and novel treatment methods.
Finished 2010. 

Klaus Krogh, Ph.D. Colorectal function in patients with spinal cord lesions.
Finished 2000. 

Karen-Elise Højberg, Ph.D. Urinary and anal incontinence in relation to pregnancy and delivery. Prevalence, risk factors, and anal physiological parameters.
Finished 1999. 

Allan Ryhammer, Ph.D. Anorectal physiology studies in normal women. Associations with parity and age & repeatability of tests.
Finished 1996. 

Karl Møller Bek, Ph.D. Obstetrisk anal sphincter ruptur. Ætiologi,pato-fysiologi og sequelae.
Finished 1993.

Eksperimentel kirurgi

Flemming Møller, Ph.D. “Chronic Sacral Root Stimulation”.
Finished 2009.

Inge Scheel Andersen, Ph.D. ”Studies on the extrinsic neural control of large bowel motility in the pig”.
Finished 2003.

Henrik Christensen, disputats. The effect of growth hormone on colon healing.
Finished 1997.

Peter Kissmeyer-Nielsen, Ph.D. The effect of systemic growth hormone treatment on atrophy
in defunctional colon. An experimental study in rats.
Finished 1995.

Ken Ljungmann Ph.D. “Timedependent changes of intestinal morphology and effects of
systemic growth hormone treatment following extensive small bowel resection”.
Finished 2001.

Colorectal cancer

Helene Mathilde Larsen. "Thepathogenesis of chronic watery and loose stool after right-sided hemicolectomyfor cancer".
Ongoing ph.d. research project.

Jesper Beck Jørgensen. “Mesorectal excision for rectal cancer: aspects of recurrence and survival”.
Ongoing ph.d. research project.

Anne Vestbjerg Thyø. "Urinary and sexual function and quality of life in patients treated for rectal cancer".
Ongoing ph.d. research project.

Ida Hovdenak Jakobsen. "Individualiseret opfølgning efter rectum cancer - fokus på den enkelte patients behov".
Ongoing ph.d. research project.

Helene Mathilde Larsen, forskningsår. "Bowel dysfunction in patients treated for cancer in caecum and ascending colon".
Finished 2017.

Alexander R. Mortensen, forskningsår. "Chronic Pain Score after Rectal Cancer Treatment: Development and validation of a scoring system for post surgical chronic pain".
Finished 2016.

Peter Bondeven Frederiksen, ph.D. "Cancer of the Upper Rectum".
Finished 2015.

Marie-Louise Feddern, ph.D. "Aspects of long-term outcome after rectal cancer treatment: Chronic pain and life with ostomy".
Finished 2014.

Henriette Vind Thaysen, ph.D. “Health related Quality of Life after surgery for locally advanced primary rectal cancer or recurrence of rectum cancer". 

Finished 2013.

Sidse Bregendahl, ph.D. “Long-term effects of neoadjuvant therapy on bowel, urinary and sexual functions after resection for rectal cancer”.
Finished 2013.

Katrine Emmertsen, ph.D. ”Disturbances in bowel, urinary and sexual function after low anterior resection for rectal cancer – prevalence, risk factors and patho-physiology”.
Finished 2013.

Therese Juul, ph.D. “Livskvalitet efter operation for rektumcancer”.
Finished 2013.

Mette Bak Nielsen, ph.D. ”Evaluation of patients operated for primary advanced rectal cancer and local recurrence of rectal cancer”.
Finished 2012.

Christian Wulff, ph.D. “The effect of Case Management in Complex Cancer Pathways”.
Finished 2011.

Lene Hjerrild Iversen. Indleveret disputats ”Aspects on survival of colorectal cancer in Denmark.
Finished 2011.

Charlotte Buchard, Ph.D. ”Rehabilitation efter colorectal cancer kirurgi”.
Finished 2007.

Niels Chr. Bjerregård, Ph.D. ”Implementering af ændret diagnostisk strategi ved kolorektalcancer”.
Finished 2006.

Marianne Korsgaard Ph.D. ”Sammenlignende undersøgelse af diagnostisk delay for CRC i Østjylland, Vestjylland og Finland”.
Finished 2005.

Mariann Christensen, Ph.D. “Chromosomal instability in bladder and colon Cancer. Studies involving microsatellites”.
Finished 2005.

Bodil Ginnerup, Ph.D. ”Virtual colonoscopy”.
Finished 2003.

Karina Bækby Houborg, Ph.D. ”Postoperativ rehabilitering af gamle opereret for colorectalcancer”.
Finished 2002.

Niels Katballe, Ph.D. ”Hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer in West Denmark”.
Finished 2001.

Lilli Lundby, Ph.D. “Biomechanical and morphometric evaluation of late radiation-induced changes in the mouse rectum”.
Finished 1997.

Martin Bach Jensen, Ph.D. “Postoperative nutrition studies”.
Finished 1996.

Inflammatorisk tarmsygdom

Anders Mark Christensen “Outcome following restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis: studies of a population-based national cohort”.
Ongoing ph.d. research project.

Frederik Pachler "Long term aspects on fertility, sexual function and urinary function outcomes, following ileal-pouch-anal anostomosis for ulcerative colitis".
Ongoing ph.d. research project.

Frederik Pachler, forskningsår. "Fertility and ileo-pouch-anal anastomosis (IPPA). A cohort of 1757 patients.
Finished 2014.

Søren Brandsborg, ph.D. ”Ileal pouch anal-anastomosis in patients with ulcerative colitis: Long-term results and pathophysiological studies”.
Finished 2013.

Kasper Olsen, Ph.D. “The effect of ulcerative colitis and familial adenomatous polyposis on female reproduction”.
Finished 2001.