Søren K. Kjærgaard


Curriculum Vitae


                                                             Curriculum Vitae




                                                         Søren Kenneth Kjærgaard


Address:              Drejøvænget 61,

                           8381 Tilst

                           Ph. 8624 0038


Education:           1974                    Mathematic-Physics High school

                          1981                    MSc at Copenhagen University. Environmental biology specialized in toxicology.

                          1982                    Pedagogikum in biology at High school level

                            1990                    Lic. med. (PhD) at Aarhus University, Medical Faculty, Environmental and Occupational Medicine.


Jobs:                    82.02.01-82.07.01             Pedagogikum at Schneekloth Statsgymnasium

                            82.09.01-84.11.30             Research associate at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University.

                            84.12.01-85.02.18             Subst. assist. prof. at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University.

                            84.02.18-90.02.14             Research associate at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University.

                            90.02.15-90.08.31             Visiting Scientist at Department of Environmental Science and Physiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston.

  • 90.09.01-93.09.01 Research associate Institute of Environmental

                                                         and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University

  • 93.09.01-95.12.31 Research assist. Prof. at Institute of

                                                         Environmental and Occupational Medicine,

                                                         Aarhus University.

                            96.01.01- today                 Assoc Prof. at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University.

                            01.02.01-01.01.05.            Director of Institute at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Aarhus University.

                            01.02.05- today                  Head of Institute of Public Health, Aarhus Univ-ersity.




Courses:              1. Practical and theoretical pedagogikum at Schneekloth Statsskole.

                            2. Basal epidemiological methods, Århus University.

                            3. Advanced epidemiological methods, Århus University.

                            4. EDB for medicine, Århus University.

                            5. Design of experiments Århus University.

                            6. Pascal language, Århus University.

                            7. Pharmacokinetic, Århus University.

                            8. Medical graphic, Århus University.

                            9. SPSS course, Århus University.

                            10. Medical Isotope course, Århus University.

                            11. Seminars on particle air pollution (arranging and participating).

                            12. University pedagogic internat course 1996

                     13.Environmental epidemiology, The National Environment research

                          program I.

                            14. Risk analysis, Århus and Odense University

                     15. Course in University Institute leadership, SDU and the rectorate collegium.



Invited speaker (keynote) or invited participant:


1990                    Assessment of eye irritation in humans at Conference on indoor air pollution characterization of sources and acute effects on health and comfort on Yale University, New Haven, Ct..

1991                    Participant in Environmental Protection Agency's (USA) works groups entitled 'Protocol for Sensory Evaluations' and 'Sensory Irritation'

1992                    Eurocourse in Ispra, Italy 1992.

1993                    Panellist at workshop on the international Indoor Air conference, Helsinki.

1994                    Indoor air conferences in Örebro, Mannheim, and Capri

1995                    IUTOX-meeting in Prague

1996                    Socrates-teaching development, Brussels

1996                    Workshop at international Indoor Air conference, Nagoya, Japan

1998                    Participant Nordic meeting on indoor air and health economy, Oslo

1998                    Indoor Air Core curriculum NATO-symposium, Budapest, Hungary

1998                    Respiratory Tract Irritation and Olfaction Conference, Miami Florida, USA

1998                    Total Volatile Organic Compound symposium, Storlien, Sweden.

1998                    Workshop on Sensory irritation at UC-San Diego, San Diego

1999                    Symposium on Interaction effects, Stockholm

1999                    Participant in Nordic meeting on Indoor Air, Gothenburg

2000                    Indoor air conference in Örebro

2001                    Health ministry environment research centre, Jubilee meeting

2001                    AMI's meetings about indoor climate

2002                    Damp building Symposium Gutenberg

2002                    ECRO-conference in Erlangen


Memberships, honourees jobs, Ad hoc committees, etc


1988-89               Participant in steering group (Building ministry) about Nitrous gasses by the use of gas appliances without vent.

1988-99               Member of EDB-committee at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine

1993-94               Danish representative at the COST-preparing work on "Effects of Atmosphere Pollution on Health" under the Commission.

1993-99.              Member of Work Safety committee at Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine

1994-dd               Member of the International Society for Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ).

  • 1994-98 Member of American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

1994-dd.              Member of cooperation committee at the Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine

1995-96               Member of expert committee under the Commission (Energy Efficiency & Indoor Environment)

1996                    Member of international referee-group on NO2-report from Inst. för Miljömedicin,, Karolinska University.

  • 1995 Member of cross faculty working group for development of a 1-year international diploma course and a 2-year Master in environmental sciences at AU.

1996-dd               Deputy director at the MPH-programme at Århus University.

1996-dd               2nd chair of Exam and teaching committee at MPH-programme.

1996-dd               Coordinator for Socrates-exchange programme.

  • 1996-99 Invited member of Nordic expert group for evaluation of evidence for the


              association between VOC in indoor environment and Health effects. Folk­hel­sa­­instituttet Stockholm.

1996-dd               Member of the national Coordination committee for the Danish MPH-pro­gram­mes.

1997-dd               Member of exam and thesis committee at the MPH-programme

1997                    Organisation Committee for EROTOX97-conference

  • 1998-01 Chairman of Climate chamber committee at IMA

1999                    Member of the national exam Commission for MPH in Denmark

  • 1999-dd Secretary in Danish Society for Pharmacology and Toxicology (DSFT)

1999-00               Organising committee and Scientific committee for the annual ASPHER-conference in DK  2000

  • 2000 Advisory committee for NordTox conference in Norway 2000

2000                    Organisation committee for DSFT annual seminar 2000

  • 2000 Member of Danish Society for occupational medicine

2000-dd               Member of the Danish national committee for the International Union of


  • 2001 Director at the Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine
  • 2002 2001-02 participant in European expert group (EUROPART) on health effects of particulate pollutants in indoor environments
  • 2003 Organising committee NordTox conference on Bornholm 2003
  • 2004 Peer reviewer for ASPHER peer reviewing the Hungarian School of Public Health in Debrecen.

2004                    Member of National Health boards researcher panel on radiofrequent electromagnetic fields.

2004                    Organising committee for meeting on "Pharmacogenomics and toxico­geno­mics - key to the future" for the Danish society of paharmacology and toxicology.





Appointed member of the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences 1999.




1990                    Host for Guest researcher MDSc. Michael Brauer

1995                    Chair of session at IUTOX-meeting in Prague

1995                    Host for Guest professor Timothy Larson 4 month in Denmark.

1997                    Chair of session. EUROTOX97-conference

1995-99               Peer-reviewer for the Centre of Indoor Air Research (USA)

1997                    Consultant at John Pierce Foundation, Yale, New Haven, USA

  • 1999 Chair of session at International conference on Indoor Air in Edingburough, 1999

1999                    Evaluator at PhD-thesis

2000                    Peer-reviewer for applications to the EU fifth framework key action 4

2000 +                 Peer-reviewer for applications to the INTAS-programme

2002                    Peer-reviewer for applications to the EU fifth framework key action 4

2002                    Evaluator at PhD-application

2003                    Evaluator at PhD-application

2003 +                 Peer-reviewer for applications to the EU 6th framework programme

2004                    Evaluator at PhD-thesis

2005                    Evaluator at PhD-thesis





1984-00.              Medical students at Aarhus University

1986-98.              Cross- disciplinary Environment programme at Aarhus University

1987-01.              Engineer students at Århus Teknikum .

1996-d.d              Master of Public Health students.






4 PhD-students,

2 Exchange students,

18 MPH-students (master thesis).


And actual 1 PhD and 4 MPH-students