Simone Maria Bonin


Simone Maria Bonin

PhD in Economics and Business Economics

Member of the Economics Section

Supervisors: Rune Majlund Vejlin and Bastian Schulz 

Research Secretaries: Mette Vad Andersen and Susan Stilling

Areas of interest: Firm Dynamics, Search and Matching in Multi-frictional Economies, Interaction between Labour and Financial Markets 

Research Projects

  • Household Secured and Unsecured Debt, Inter-sectoral Mobility and Unemployment: 

    I propose a model to study the joint effect of changes in availability to secured and unsecured credit to households on unemployment, where the two types of credit can potentially act as substitutes

  • The Long-lasting Effect of a Credit Crunch: Firms Adjustments during the Great Recession in  Denmark

    I study the long-lasting effect of a credit supply shock on firms economic activity and labour force composition in Denmark.
  • Local labour markets and wage competition: evidence from Denmark (joint with Andrei Gorshkov)

    We define local labour markets and study how labour demand shocks are transferred between firms competing within the same market


MSc in Mathematics-Economics at Aarhus University, Denmark  -  2017

BSc with Honours in Mathematics and Economics  at University of Warwick,  United Kingdom - 2015

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