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Shubiao Wu

Performance of two laboratory-scale horizontal wetlands under varying influent loads treating artificial sewage

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskrift/Konferencebidrag i tidsskrift /Bidrag til avisTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


  • Shubiao Wu
  • Arndt Wiessner, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH
  • ,
  • Renjie Dong, China Agricultural University
  • ,
  • Changle Pang, China Agricultural University
  • ,
  • Peter Kuschk, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH

The performance of two laboratory-scale horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetlands(CWs) treating artificial sewage in response to varying influent components and loads was investigated. Acidification with a pH of 3.0 was detected under an organic carbon load of 100 mg/day, which further inhibited the activity of the denitrification process. With an increase in the carbon load to 240 mg/day, the pH was significantly elevated to 6.0. However, a negative effect of sulphide as a product of sulphate reduction was observed on the removal of ammonium, the plants (Juncus effusus), and the organic carbon degradation. With a produced sulphide concentration of about 3.5 mg/L, the ammonium removal decreased from 100% to 30% under an inflow load of 100 mg/day, and the number of healthy stalks of J. effuses was reduced from about 14 000/m2 to less than 6000/m2. The removal of organic carbon decreased from 94% to 68% under an influent load of 240 mg/day, when the sulphide concentrations reached up to about 8-10 mg/L. The production of sulphide was not immediately controlled by stopping the inflow sulphate load to remove the negative effect of the sulphide toxicity, thus indicating an immobilization of the deposited reduced sulphur compounds. Moreover, the effect of a nitrate dosage on the sulphide control was also examined, but was shown to be only evident under the conditions of a low organic carbon input.

TidsskriftEngineering in Life Sciences
Sider (fra-til)178-187
Antal sider10
StatusUdgivet - apr. 2012
Eksternt udgivetJa

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